Social conservatives are mobilizing in France, leading to talk of a tea party


This article is written with a sarcastic,ridiculing attitude toward conservatives,but the news is good.


:confused: Where exactly is the news good ?


It’s been about time. Hopefully this trend will spread across the rest of Western Europe.


Where’s the beef ? :confused:

What is the trend in this Washington Post article ?

I am unable to find any real substance in it .

I can only read wishful thinking , and little based on fact , in this piece of journalism .


With full respect for all here, if the article lacks substance, kindly point it out, if the article was written in a sarcastic manner, please give an example where.

I find nothing wrong with the article myself and I find problems with attacking the article itself.

I also would urge others to read the article and see if these so-called problems exist, I see it in no way, so why say it?


Beginning of the end of left-wing dictatorships.


To me, the first sentence was either '‘creative journalism’ or sarcasm:

Steeped in conservative rage and tasting of grass roots

(I personally think it’s a bit sarcastic)

The good or rather ‘hopeful’ news is

A show of strength on French streets in February led Hollande to backtrack on a measure that opponents feared could have helped same-sex couples have children through in vitro fertilization and surrogacy.

In Spain, the conservative government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is seeking to push through legislation that would greatly limit abortion rights, unleashing a bitter confrontation with the left and reversing the steady march of liberal social policies there since the death of Gen. Francisco Franco. In Poland, a measure that would grant same-sex civil partnerships failed last year because of major opposition, prompting Prime Minister Donald Tusk to say he saw no chances of such unions passing within the next 10 to 15 years.

During Germany’s national election campaign last year,
center-right Chancellor Angela Merkel sparked outrage among progressives after expressing doubts about full adoption rights for same-sex couples. “To be completely honest with you, I’m having difficulty with full equality,” she told public TV.

Although the ‘good news’ may lack substance, we can only hope and pray these trends will continue and the ‘substance’ may one day be tangible and transforming.


Where is that in the article ? :confused:


I do agree that the article indeed had a noticeable negative and even dismissive tone towards the idea (which I disagree this is, believe it or not) birth of some sort of TP over there in France.

It is heartening to know, also, that the average Frenchman/Frenchwoman does not conform to the widely held view (which is prevalent mostly amongst the French Intellectual Elite) that France is a uniform bastion of secular, socialist, irreligious ideology.

Although even I could not help but laugh at the suggestion in the article that some Frenchpeople oppose women mechanics. I personally----and I’m mostly confident in saying—the majority of Americans have no problems with that.) :):thumbsup:

Good article and post overall.

Glad I have read it. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Mechanics, now, this was in the news about these classes starting up in France and people protesting that.

Scores of social conservatives took their children out of public schools for one day in January to protest new lessons being tested in some French schools aimed at dispelling gender stereotypes. The social conservatives said the lessons could lead to boys wearing dresses and girls playing mechanic,

This is true, people protested by taking their children out of school.

I don’t see where they are saying French people are against women mechanics, it may be stating that they may not care to see 8 year olds doing certain things such as girls playing mechanic. That might be said in a bit of a light way but may well have a ring of truth as to what the boycotters understood.

Thousands of parents in France received a text message on their mobile telephones last week urging them to keep their children from school on Monday. The collective action was to protest against an alleged new development in French primary schools: the attempt to teach students that “they are not born as boys or girls, but can choose to become one or the other.”

So the French Government may be trying to assert that the purpose of gender identity classes were misinterpreted but the story was there nonetheless.


Or they could just return to the Monarchy and make France the eldest daughter of the Church again and be away with the corrupt and incompetent Republic which has led them to ruin and social decay! VIVA LE ROI LOUIS XX!


I very much doubt that will happen, though. :):stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway-----I remember somewhat from French history that the Comte de Chambort (is that his name?), who was the grandson or some other of the exiled (1830 revolution) Charles X, WAS offered the crown while he was in exile after the 1871 debacle (I think, when the furutre of France was still undecided) and he rejected----or rather, dawdled and delayed in accepting the crown—plus expressed some reactionary, anti-people views—and therefore lost his chance----placing Gambetta and the revived Republic back in power.
France had its chance----and even the monarchy was unsure. :shrug:

Just saying. IMO.


Could be what you said indeed. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


It was more because of his refusal to keep the tricolor flag, it was the deal breaker for him because he refused to reign over the country with the flag of those who brought such death and destruction and regicide to France. But the 3rd republic that came into power afterward was supposed to be a temporary fix until he died but as we know it managed to continue and still infects France with its idiocy. In the end we must hope for Monarchy as the faith and church can never be adequately defended in a democracy even in constitutional monarchies the monarch has been reduced to mostly ceremonial roles and such horrors as the Catholic King of Belgium having to sign into law a euthanasia bill has taken place.


The French had a Tea Party decades ago, it was called ‘Poujadism’.


Before American newspapers start trying to put other countries in order to match their agenda I think they need to have a go at putting their own house in order .

I know that many Americans think they are God’s chosen people and that they have a divine right to rule the world , but from where I am I want nothing of the American way of life .

What do Amercans export “religious”-wise ? The Mormons , the Jehovah’s Witnesses and a Christian Fundamentalism with a health and prosperity gospel . Well the Americans can keep it .

What do Americans offer politics-wise ? Capitalism , an economic system which is founded on greed and individualism , and which is insidiously materialistic . Well the Americans can keep it .

What does the American Catholic Church have to offer ? Well , a very divided church ( of which there is much evidence on this forum ) which most Catholics in the world would find alien to to their experience of Catholicism . Well , I don’t want such a church , and perhaps Amercan Catholics ( whatever that may mean ) had better start clearing up their own mess before they attempt to start pontificating to the rest of the Catholic world .

What does the American media have to offer the world ? Well , I don’t think there is any need to answer that , nor do I think there is any need to say more , other that suggest that America holds a mirror before itself and reflects on what it sees in the reflection . Not a pretty sight .


So I take it that it’s all perfection, puppies, and rainbows where you’re sitting? So unless you’ve actually found some divine utopia, perhaps you should hold a mirror before yourself and reflect on what you see in the reflection before you pontificate on what’s wrong with the US. Just sayin’…


Far from it , but I am not going to preach to others about their wrongs when my own midden needs clearing up .


I miss the sarcasm as well. Europe has been through the wringer. With France having the largest standing army in the region, and Vlad Putin’s dreams of a new Soviet sized empire. Why wouldn’t some far right wing French be thinking of Napoleonic.

Most believe real trouble is brewing in Europe. Talk revolving around a re-enactment of world war one. Obviously, a government with a social conscience is not going to be spoiling for a fight.

Here is where the talk of a TEA Party comes into question though. Whatever rhetoric they may spew. The TEA Party types major activity revolves around deconstructionism. Not the sort of thing you do when you are ramping up to survive. :shrug:

We are shedding the TEA Party mentality one election at a time. The French? Who knows what they may do.



Really? That’s exactly what you did.

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