Social conversation after Mass

What can be done to inform the congregation that “being social” after Mass should be addressed away from the pews ? I, and some others, wish to remain in the pew for awhile, reflecting on the reception of the Holy Eucharist,etc. I am praying for the rude, inconsiderate people who ignore the fact that they are still “in Church” and need to “be social” elsewhere…

Hello OREMUS. Welcome to CAF. You might want to post this question on another forum, as this one is strictly for prayer intentions. You could try Back Fence, Liturgy and Sacraments or Spirituality. God bless!

Go to your priest with this concern in a humble and charitable way. He leads the flock, and can choose to act or not act on this matter.

God Bless!!

Really, I didn’t know that? :eek:

At our church, the talk is at a roar before mass. There have been days I have almost gotten up and left it, was so distracting. After mass most people are in a big hurry to get out the door. After a couple of minutes they are gone, and it is very quiet.

Irishmom2… thanks for your reply… First, I suggest that you make your frustration known to your Pastor about “the roar before Mass”. Stand your ground ! You are present to attend the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS and not present to endure the current members of the “secular world”. Second, yesterday after Mass, I remained in my pew trying to avoid the distraction of someone engaged in a cell phone conversation for at least 5 minutes while I tried to reflect on the reception of the Holy Eucharist. I prayed that I would receive enough Grace for strength to avoid exploding at this “child of God”. It was this isolated event which prompted me to post on CAF. Also, I try to always remember that in today’s world, the Churches we worship in may be destroyed in the not too distant future by barbarians who are proliferating their evils everywhere. Let us pray the Rosary every day for Peace and the Grace necessary so that “we can all get along” in the eyes of God. St. Michael the Archangel, PLEASE pray for us at this hour of need !!

All the lonely people… When I first came to Ireland and was at midweek mass I used to sit at the back after receiving to smile at the old wans as they came down the aisle just to see them crack a grin. Met some lovely and very lonely folk that way. The only time they are out is for mass…


So sorry. I’m one of those people. Very happy to see people at Mass. I’m reading right now about Mass etiquette. Please forgive (and be patient with!) me and my ilk. :grouphug:



Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by “praying for the rude, inconsiderate people…”, does that mean you are praying that God make them polite and considerate like you, or does it mean, that despite the fact that you are not particularly pleased with them or their behavior that you are praying that God give them many blessings?

It should be the latter, although both are okay, but the former would be like the Pharisee in Luke 18 who was glad he was like the tax collector, and thus is not an act of humility Christ would expect from us.

Peace and all good!

**O Mary, conceived without sin,
Co-Redemptrix, willing participant in Jesus’ great work of salvation,
teach us to work with Him for the salvation of our neighbour.
Pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

O Mary, conceived without sin,
Mediatrix of all graces and mother of every soul,
let the graces we receive through your hands
be met with profound gratitude and sincere cooperation.
Pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

O Mary, conceived without sin,
Advocate for the people of God,
from the moment of the Annunciation until the end of time,
lift up our deeply wounded world to God’s merciful love.
Pray for us who have recourse to Thee!


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