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Hi i recently converted to catholocism …i was an anglican… so far i havnt committed mortal sin (that i am aware of) i havnt masturbated or had impure thoughts since converting over a month ago which believe me has shocked me to the core because i wasnt the most chaste of people before my conversion,basically i am bisexual and i need to know if it is a mortal sin to access a gay social website i am already a member of to talk to other men in my situation (not for sexual gratification/porn/thoughts etc… but to keep in touch with friends and to talk to people) there are naked pics etc… on there i cant help but see them but i wont be using them for masturbating.

BTW: i am aware on the churchs teaching on Sex/porn/homosexuality etc…

I suggest you contact the Courage ministry. They can help you set appropriate boundaries and discern whether or not continuing to access these sites is in your best interest.

I don’t want to be all judgey or anything but that doesn’t seem like a place to connect with others since that is something you are trying to avoid. It would be similar to a recovered drug addict contacting other addicts.

Peace be with you,

btw, congrats on your conversion

We are called not only to avoid sin, but to avoid the near occasions of sin. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to go back in there and “help” people.

Congratulations on your conversion and welcome! Why not try and get your friends to email you so you all can stay in touch, after all they’re STILL your friends right? :wink:

Who knows, there may be other people in the same situation as you and they would like the chance to learn what you did so they can get back to the Faith…you can be a role model, a catalyst if you will - stranger things have happened you know? :thumbsup:

God Bless and much peace!

Mike :slight_smile:

I would not go on the site. I’ve been on dating sites before, but they didn’t have any naked pictures. I agree that there are probably better sites to get on that you could help support other people who are struggleing with impurity than a porn site.

If you were a recovering alcoholic would you go into the bar just to talk with your old drinking buddies?

hey everyone thanks for the posts i have since asked god to guide me and it has helped alot these old habits are gone and the urge to commit these sins have almost gone …thanks again and God bless :slight_smile:

Hey dude, I hear ya loud and clear. I’d get your friends contact info and so you can talk to them without using the site. The more you go on it, the bigger chance you might slip into sin. Try also to keep your relationships chaste with other bisexuals. Many of those friendshis have the potential to be fruitful and chaste ones.

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