Social Justice?

Social Justice left the nation high and dry in January 1973. ( look it up if you don’t know what I refer to ) There can be no social justice ever with that shadow hanging over us. The death penalty, treatment of terrorists, “hate” crimes, etc… all irrelevant compared to the scourge upon us for the last 36 years. Solve the biggest, then worry about the rest.

Yes but we have no one to blame but ourselves. It is our brothers and sisters of our Mother Church that voted in the same person who appointed another one of our sisters to the Supreme Court who stated that the consitutionality of the abortion argument had been made and argued and was done or some such business stating that her mind was made and that the policy would stand.

Until excommunications become public, nothing will change. Notice how the dioceses in this country that have bishops who are not afraid to speak out are the ones who do not have pro-choice Catholics parading in public. Pray for our Shepherds, that Our Father will give them the courage to do what is right. No sacrifice is too great to bear in order to see the end of this holocaust. It’s time the gloves came off.


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