Social Networking?

Anyone participate in social networking? I do.

Some of the ones I frequent are Myspace (not a fan of it, yet on it), Twitter (on it all the time), and Flickr (when I have something to update).

Would be nice to social network with some Catholics geeks and other interesting people :slight_smile:

Hey, there is a social network for Catholics- it was launched as the official social netowrk for world youth day in Sydney. Its called, which stands for “Christ in the 3rd millenium”.

As Sydney girl I’m totally excited about it- i normally use facebook but I’m finding myself on Xt3 more and more. I has functions such as ‘Ask A Priest’ and has a photo competition where the best WYD photos are going to be sent to the Pope.

I’m a big social networking/Web 2.0 person - I think it is very interesting.

I’m on Twitter a lot. I find it to be a fun way to share random thoughts.

I am addicted to Livejournal…and the part I like the best about that is I don’t have to put my real name or location or anything more then I’m comfortable with. There’s all sorts of groups there, and you can just communicate with other people who share the same interests.

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