Socialize About Great Film (or the Great Ideas in Film)

I blog a couple times each month about the movies that I watch. I don't preform a traditional review or preview, per se, but rather approach the film, with as few spoilers as possible, from the perspective of a particular theme engaged in by the film.

So, for example, most recently I have written about Pan's Labyrinth and have approached the film from the perspective of conscience, and the relationship of the films presentation of conscience to the violence depicted throughout.

I have also written about “Mother and Child,” “Seven Pounds,” “No Country for Old Men,” “Biutiful” (here, here & here) “Where the Wild Things Are,” “JCVD,” “The American,” “The Road,” & “Creation.”

I wonder if you might discover that you enjoy this site. It might clue you in to a particular film you hadn't heard of but which now you think might be worth your time, or it might invite further reflection about something you have already seen but did not appreciate in that particular way.

All the same, I'd welcome your conversation and participation.

You might find you'd like to join the site as a subscriber. By all means do so. Perhaps you have your own blog which "reviews" films (in which case I hope you'd identify as much when commenting, so I can go read what you've written). Perhaps you have a film you'd love to discuss (by all means suggest it)...


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Perhaps you have a film you'd love to discuss (by all means suggest it)...


You sound like someone who's covering all the good movies that go un-reviewed by the bishops conference and by Decent Films, so yeah, I've got some suggestions:

Currently in theaters:
"50/50" :thumbsup:
"Higher Ground" :thumbsup:
"The Ides of March"
"Cave of Forgotten Dreams"

On video:
"(500) Days of Summer" :thumbsup:

I am gonna go see Ides of March in a few hours…

I expect it to be quite quite good, although “Tree of Life” will likely remain the best thing I’ve seen this year (possibly ever…)

Okay. Just saw Ides of March. It was fine.
Nothing amazing (well the acting was quite good). Certainly wasn't bad.

I'll check out your blog.

Cool. If you've seen any of those films and want to discuss them, or you have any that you think would be fun to engage with then let me know...

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