'Socially responsible' investor blacklists McDonald's

‘Socially responsible’ investor blacklists McDonald’s

The president of a pro-family values mutual fund company says the extreme actions of McDonald’s has forced the investment firm to publicly clarify that its portfolios won’t include any stock in the worldwide hamburger retailer.


“We deserve a break today”…

from boycotters… :doh2:

Been boycotting them since the news about their “association” came out.

I am also thinking this should be moved to “Faith and Finances” :wink:

The Fund is free to do what it wants, but it is not hurting McDonald’s bottom line at all. :shrug: :rolleyes:

As an investor I would like to have socially repsonsible Catholic ones that do not support companies invested in deviancy. So there is a market.

I agree there is a market, but is that market for real or just precieved “deviancy”? What is used as “deviancy”, I just do not see. Yet this Fund and Ave Maria (to use another example) ignore more tangible reasons to choose funds that would make it “socially responsible”. Workers rights (wages, union support, hours, overall employee treatment), Animal rights (which cattle farms McDonalds uses as suppliers, etc…). These are more tangible (IMO) reasons than the one listed to start this thread.

While I agree when looking at stocks there is a logical reason to look at workers conditions, animal treatment, etc. it does seem as though those things should play second fiddle to “life” issues like abortion, homosexual agenda, support of human cloning, embryonic research, etc.

Have not our Bishops warned us against moral relativism and placing social issues on par with life issues?

How are these issues “moral relativism”? The issues I mentioned are day to day issues that effect everyone daily. The ones you mentioned are not in our day to day lives. Also, by raising the ones I mentioned, it is a “high tide floats all boats” type approach, which has an effect on the overall abortion rate. We also need to take care of people after birth, which is why those job issues are so important.

There are nutballs in every box of candy. Activist gays, such as the folks who brought suit against the Bible as containing “hate speech” to have violators imprisoned, or the ones forcing doctors to perform elective procedures, despite it violating the doctors’ religious beliefs, and the ones denouncing the Catholic Church for not allowing adoptions to gay couples, create tangible issues.

If concerned investors choose to withhold funds from a company to stem the assault on their Constitutional right to freely exercise their religion, I’m okay with it,

All Christians should boycott these sodomite coddling homocratic companies.

there are many of these immoral homocratic companies, they also include coca cola pepsi cola, mastercard, visa, american express, motorola, kodak, and many others, we should all boycott these demonic companies.

Workers rights (wages, union support, hours, overall employee treatment), Animal rights (which cattle farms McDonalds uses as suppliers, etc…). These are more tangible (IMO) reasons than the one listed to start this thread

that’s for neopagan communist socialist secularist funds, ave maria and timothy plan are not communist neopagan funds, they are Christian funds.

Have not the Church fathers, from the Bishops to our Pope told us not to confuse “social justice” with “life” issues?

I don’t argue with you that we need to take care of people after birth, but it is more important that we insure they actually are born.

Maybe if there were more socially responcible “parents” fewer people would have a problem with mcdonalds.

Right - there would be no way McDonalds would even go down the path.

The real question is why are some elevated over others? They are all important. Given some definitions of “life issues”, they should overlap enough to all be important as it goes from birth to death. They are intermixed in the complicated way that live mixes them in.

Taht in inconsequential to the true question at hand.

I for one, and many others would agree I’m certain, would refuse to take profit from immoral practices or immoral promotions.

Because our church teachings say so, because our Pope says so, because that is what we believe.

That said, I agree that all are important, but when it comes to “life” issues the choices are pretty cut and dried. There is very little room for legitimate discussion on issues like abortion, it is evil.

On the other hand, there is plenty of ‘grey’ area when it comes to workers rights, fair pay, type issues.

For example if the pay of a worker is high enough to force the company to close down because the owner can’t get a fair return on his investment then all the jobs are lost, how can that be ‘fair’ pay?

Or on issues like fair profits, we often hear that companies like Exxon make too much profit. But Exxon’s profit, as a %, is lower than the industrial average by almost 1/2 of a %. So if Exxon makes 8.3% and the industrial average is 8.7% then is Exxon really making excessive profits to the detriment of the society? Or put it another way, Exxon makes $1400 per SECOND in profits and that sounds pretty amazing. But Exxon pays $4000 per second in taxes and $15,000 per second in labor. So given that it pays roughly 2.5 times in taxes than it earns in net income, and its net income is below industry averages, then that brings up the whole ‘grey’ area issue for debate. Clearly Exxon is profitable, but not as profitable as the average and yet, they are singled out as taking advantage of us??? How can that be???

Again, with ‘social’ justice issues there is room for debate, with ‘life’ issues there is not.

Those that promote “diversity” should actually encourage this choice of investing in only moral companies. Seems strange that they are not. Or is diversity more narrowly defined than they wish to admit.

Well they maybe socially responsible but from what I have read from third party reports, I would not invest one cent with them unless I want to throw my money away. The only one that makes money of your money is Timothy which sort of defeats its purpose.

I’m sorry, but what does the action of an investment group have to do with my portfolio? I appreciate information on who or which entity may be doing something I feel is in conflict with my core values.

I then, as an investor, get to do my own investigation and make choices appropriate to me.

I’m sure people sympathetic to GLBT causes will and do the same thing.:slight_smile:

I am going to watch this with interest. I’m not sure what to think about this. I’ve read a little more about it.

I wonder if this will be picked up on in Australia.

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