Society is breaking down, need truthtelling prophets


The world is just going down to bad places. We really need some truthtelling prophets, to assist those who are already working in the name of truth, justice, and mercy. I am almost too exhausted to type this, so please just pray whatever you can for those who will be called to be prophets of the Lord in our day.



Peace my friend. If you ever have a few minutes, go to the below links. The guy giving his story was one the Vatican’s top people of the year last year. They are kind of long, I thought they were pretty inspiring.

Marino Restrepo is a Catholic lay missionary from Colombia who travels the world sharing his testimony. Marino was born a Catholic but disregarded his faith at an early age and embraced all the self-seeking illusions of the world. He chose to experience a life of drugs, unhealthy relationships and New Age philosophies. His acting/musical career led him to Hollywood where he was a producer and musician. Marino thought he had it all until a visit home to Columbia in 1997 for Christmas. His sister encouraged him to pray a novena prayer to the baby Jesus. He accepted thinking it would give him an extra ounce of ‘good luck’. Following the novena, Marino went on his way to visit his uncle. His visit was short-lived as Marino was kidnapped by guerrilla rebels of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and held captive in the jungle for six months. They told him they would kill him once they had received ransom for his kidnap.

For 15 days he lay in a cave full of bats infested with numerous insects and bugs. It was here, in his complete isolation and despair, that Marino had a mystical experience of God. His life changed forever.

Five and a half months later, Marino was miraculously released from captivity after a miracle of God, and after his release he went back to his Catholic faith. Eighteen months later he became a full time missionary for the Catholic Church leaving all of his past, and his worldly possessions behind.

P.S. Please note that you are under no obligation to accept his testimonies as authentic. I dont see why he would lie, but you never know.


I pray for them every day my friend. Keep faith, as Our Lord Himself said “Peter, upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against it”.

God bless

Lord, may our priests (and laity) fulfill their roles as priest, prophet, and king and help souls enter the Kingdom. Amen.

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