Society of the Divine Office (Protestants)

I came across this and it is interesting. It is a ecumenical lay devotional association that is dedicated to praying a common Office of Matins, Vespers and Compline. Bible reading is planned individually. There are no fees or subscription. Appears to be based in the Traditional Anglican Communion (i.e. leans toward Rome).

Dp any other “Protestants” here pray the Daily Office? I ask because I once new a Southern Baptist pastor (PhD in Patristics) who told me he prayed the Divine Office from the Book of Common Prayer. He found it to deepen his spirituality. He was a rock solid conservative Southern Baptist clergyman.

I LOVE the Daily Office. I would pray it daily, but I just can’t figure out how to do it alone. It just seems rather awkward. Anyone have any tips?

I am in a (predominantly) Methodist religious order. The daily office is part of our daily spiritual diet.


Yes the OSL is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to be a part of an ecumenical religious order, deepen their spiritual life and develop a bond with others.

To Paul: It can be awkward at first but you get used to praying it alone. It is a good way to ensure you put in some time for bible study and reflection. I think it is also neat to know that you are joined in prayer with millions of others throughout the world and continuing a historical spiritual practice with rich history.

Get a book called The Divine Office for Dodos by Madeline Pecora Nugent.

It also helps to have a set of bookmarks made specifically for your breviary. I got mine here:

Hello All;
You will be able to find a morning and evening prayer in the book of common prayers from any Anglican Church, we also include Compline. It will take 20 to 40 minutes to go thru depending on how you face and react to what ever office you turn to. I like the Morning prayer over evening prayer but both are very special to me. I hope this helps becoming closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

God Bless
Joseph 651

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