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Are there any members of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest’s lay society, The Society of the Sacred Heart out there?

I’m looking into lay societies. I feel that I would benefit from a connection to a religious order through a lay society or third order.

I feel a connection to a few orders. I’m aware that these organizations can vary depending on the individual group so asking on this international message board is more beneficial than asking members from the local group.

So here it is: Can anyone give me input on the Society of the Sacred Heart based on personal experience? Do the members tend to be traditional, but accept the ordinary form mass? What is the general age of members?


(For reference I an registered at and attend an ICKSP oratory. The other lay orders I’m looking at are the OMI’s and the Dominicans)

Hi alwayslooking,
I’m a member of the Society of the Sacred Heart and have been for a couple of years. I would say that the members are more traditionally-minded and the age range is very wide. I attend the retreats each year and am always refreshed by them. Our spirituality stems from the writings of the Institutes patrons - St. Benedict, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis de Sales, especially the “Introduction to the Devout Life”. The members support the work of the Institute of Christ the King and there are lots of ways to help. I volunteer as a church secretary and various other things that help the priests be able to do their work. We are encouraged to pray the Rosary each day and Compline in the evening and if possible, attend daily Mass. There are 4 of us at our Oratory and we encourage one another in addition to attending the retreats together. Hope this helps!

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