Sofia Vergara: US actress faces lawsuit 'from own embryos'


Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is being, in effect, sued by two frozen embryos she conceived with the partner she split from, US media report.
The embryos, named Emma and Isabella, are listed in Louisiana court documents obtained by the New York Post.
She and Nick Loeb separated in 2014 and he has already tried unsuccessfully to sue for the embryos’ custody.


Not sure if that’s sad or hilarious.

I’ll settle for sadlarious.


It is not only sad, but pathetic.


I’m confused. Who has custody of the embryos?


Unfortunately, there seems to have been a “trust” tied to the embryos “Isabella and Emma” if they would have been born. It sounds to me like Loeb is just looking for a meal ticket. :shrug:


And people wonder why the Church prohibits procedures like IVF.

The IVF process initially produced several embryos, prompting the following text message exchange, according to the plaintiff’s documents.

Mr Loeb: “Now what. You can’t keep 4 frozen lives forever or kill them, we will go to hell.”

Ms Vergara: “We r going to hell regardless”.


Well, I hope Mr Loeb wins, but then implanting them into another woman with IVF again, isn’t right either, would be far better then murdering them though, unless there is a 3rd option I don’t know or can’t think of?

As for Ms Vergara, the idea that they are going to hell regardless is a lie perpetuated by the devil, because if one thinks they are already going to hell and there is no hope for them, they just give up and commit all kinds of atrocities, with the same fallacious excuse of ‘I’m going to hell anyway’

Jesus to St Faustina -
"I never reject a contrite heart." (Diary, 1485).

God Bless

Thank you for reading


I absolutely love her!




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