Sola Fide before the Reformation?


Many Protestants I have talked to claim that there were many Christians that believed in Sola Fide (Salvation by Faith alone) and interpreted the Bible in this way. Now my spelling on this or pronunciation of this may be off - but they refer to Albagesians, etc. How can I prove that this was not a belief as I have been taught before the reformation?


To refute this argument, all you have to do is point out the beliefs of the Albigensian’s and it will only prove your point that “The task of interpreting the Word of God authentically has been entrusted solely to the Magisterium of the Church, that is, to the Pope and to the bishops in communion with him. (Catechism of the Catholic Church 100)

**Doctrinal **

“The Albigenses asserted the co-existence of two mutually opposed principles, one good, the other evil. The former is the creator of the spiritual, the latter of the material world. The bad principle is the source of all evil; natural phenomena, either ordinary like the growth of plants, or extraordinary as earthquakes, likewise moral disorders (war), must be attributed to him. He created the human body and is the author of sin, which springs from matter and not from the spirit. The Old Testament must be either partly or entirely ascribed to him; whereas the New Testament is the revelation of the beneficent God. The latter is the creator of human souls, which the bad principle imprisoned in material bodies after he had deceived them into leaving the kingdom of light. This earth is a place of punishment, the only hell that exists for the human soul. Punishment, however, is not everlasting; for all souls, being Divine in nature, must eventually be liberated. To accomplish this deliverance God sent upon earth Jesus Christ, who, although very perfect, like the Holy Ghost, is still a mere creature. The Redeemer could not take on a genuine human body, because he would thereby have come under the control of the evil principle. His body was, therefore, of celestial essence, and with it He penetrated the ear of Mary. It was only apparently that He was born from her and only apparently that He suffered. His redemption was not operative, but solely instructive. To enjoy its benefits, one must become a member of the Church of Christ (the Albigenses). Here below, it is not the Catholic sacraments but the peculiar ceremony of the Albigenses known as the consolamentum, or “consolation,” that purifies the soul from all sin and ensures its immediate return to heaven. The resurrection of the body will not take place, since by its nature all flesh is evil."

Furthermore, in his book, The Glory of Christendom, Warren Carroll, writes the following:

“They (Albigensians) held the old Manichaen beliefs rigorously, totally rejecting the humanity of Christ and the goodness of marriage and especially child-bearing. Those who could not curb their sexual drives were encouraged to express them homosexually or even in bestiality rather than heterosexually, so that no children would result from them. The Cathan elite, known as the Perfect, received their only sacrament, the Consolamentum, which appears to have included an explicit renunciation of the Church and the Cross. The Perfect lived with extreme austerity, never touching animal food….For the Perfect, suicide was the highest form of death, carried out according to a ceremony called the endura.”

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