Sola Fide?


Catholics, do you think this is Sola Fide?

6.[FONT=Times New Roman] No one is rejected from life nor from the means sufficient for it by an absolute antecedent decree, so that the merit of Christ, calling, and all the gifts of the Spirit can be profitable to salvation for all, and truly are, unless they themselves by the abuse of these gifts pervert them to their own perdition; but to unbelief, to impiety, and to sins, a means and causes of damnation, no one is predestined.[/FONT]
7.[FONT=Times New Roman] The election of particular persons is decisive, out of consideration of faith in Jesus Christ and of perseverance; not, however, apart from a consideration of faith and perseverance in the true faith, as a condition prerequisite for electing.[/FONT]
8.[FONT=Times New Roman] Rejection from eternal life is made on the basis of a consideration of antecedent unbelief and perseverance in unbelief; not, however, apart from a consideration of antecedent unbelief and perseverance in unbelief.[/FONT]


From what Book?


Acta Synodi Nationalis that bit was translated at


I like the first paragraph but not the second, I didn’t read the third. I’m scared. Did you ever get the idea once in a way that you saw what needed to be done, but postponed endless until it become even beyond wanton but literal stagnation of the will, hovering where it is comfortable.

Let me see. Christ said with the faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains. This hasn’t happened to any of faith yet, but the one thing that was faith enough was by believing Christ could heal, he would heal you.

I am in a rather odd situation as what I have isn’t faith but knowledge, in other words I do not have faith in Christ but most assuredly know who he was, which is quite different, I don’t need the hope and suffering and so on and so forth.

Christ is so distant in some ways. With the indulgence of all these things of the world, it is very difficult to meditate on that olden times of God fear and sacrifice.

The spirit is heaven, the spirit of God in us all, the father wants to be worshiped by truth and spirit. Christ grants all, in the end, as you said in the first paragraph, the knowledge of himself, ‘Everyone shall see him, even those who pierced him, and everyone shall weep because of him, even so. Amen.’

Unfortunately it does mention one who would go to him but be rejected i. e. ‘the son of perdition’ but it also is optimistic in saying this is ‘so the scripture might be fulfilled’ which is hopeful. It could very well be the forgiveness of all souls that ever where, only conceivable by the great love of God. Amen



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