Sola Fides?


What would I say to a sola fides protestant? I know there are some nifty scriptures in James but, what would i say about their side of the argument?


search for the thread “What did Paul mean by faith” or “what did paul mean by faith alone” or whatever. There are a lot of good points in it.


Read Not by FAith Alone, or go to

Catholicism: Debates: Sola Fide (atoned4)


Taken from the commentary on Hebrews 10:38 in the Haydock Douay-Rheims Bible:

Ver. 38. But my [8] just man, he that liveth according to the doctrine I have taught, liveth by faith, which is the groundwork and foundation of a good life. — But if he withdraw himself, and fall from this faith of Christ, he shall not please my soul. It is a Hebrew way of speaking, and as it were in the person of God. (Witham) — Luther and Calvin teach that faith alone is sufficient for justification, and they define this faith to be an assured confidence that their sins are forgiven them wholly by Christ’s passion. No text, however, in Scripture teaches that a man is justified by faith only. In Romans, (ii.) Luther makes St. Paul say that a man is justified by faith only, without the works of the law: the authorized Protestant version has omitted the word only, foisted into the German translations. Solifidians [Those who pretend justification by faith alone] vainly cite this text, as its obvious meaning is, that neither the works of the written law, done by the Jew, nor the works of the law of nature, done by the Gentiles, before either of them believe in Christ, can without faith in Christ justify any one. Saving faith is a faith working through charity in Jesus Christ, a faith which includes hope, love, repentance, and the use of the sacraments. Hence St. James (Chap. ii.) declares, that a man may have faith but not works, but that faith without works will not save him. St. Paul teaches the same, 1 Corinthians xiii. 2. “If I should have all faith, so as to move mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing;” where we should observe the word all faith.


Ask how sola fide fits in with Christ telling us to pick up our cross and follow him or when he says that to love him is to do what he commands. Christ further says that it was his will to do the will of the Father. Christ was not practicing faith alone. Not to mention Moses—who had to do a lot of things to follow God. He wasn’t living by Faith Alone.

in Christ.


Also, the Last Judgment scene in Matthew (starting Matt 25:31).


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