Sola Scirptora


Could anyone show me some of the arguments used by Protestants for Sola Scriptora? Thanks and God bless.


2 Tim.3:15-17
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Don’t get me wrong, some protestants will try to use that verse to promote Sola Scriptura but it doesn’t work for multiple reasons; this verse says nothing of sufficiency, and none-the-less, a book cannot authoritatively claim itself inspired.


What about infallible? I’ve heard several times that the Bible is infallible, and not necessarily exclusive to their faith?


…besides the fact that the author of 2 Tim was talking about the Old Testament




I don’t know many scripture arguements for sola scriptura which is odd now that I think about it.

I believe that Protestants cling so strongly to this tradition out of a need for a central authority. This is my opinion only though but I think that it makes a lot of sense.


The Church says the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Not sure what you mean by “not necessarily exclusive to their faith?”…


Sola scriptura was understood by non-protestants to mean “exclusive to their faith” and they have no other source for authority or teaching. I have been told by quite a few Protestants that this is not the case. They hold other sources to be credible in aiding what is taught in the Bible but that the Bible is their only infallible teaching source and is the absolute Truth.



The best argument I have heard is that Scripture, being the written word of God, is God’s message to us. Paul uses the terms Scripture and God interchangably in many places (sorry, I have seen the passages, but I don’t remember them). I can try to ask the person who explained all of this to me to explain it again, but it’ll take a couple of days. Like all Sola Scriptura arguments, though, this one does have plenty of counter-arguments…Sorry I can’t remember the details of the argument…The argument he gave me was by far the best one I’ve heard…

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I wouldn’t be wasting my time reading those if I were you.




If you go to Search [advanced search] and search for the term “sola scriptura” for the title only, you would have plenty of debates on this:

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