Sola scriptura and corrections?

I don’t want to go off topic, but…

again, infallible is only associated with the Pope speaking on the Chair of Peter on dogma. Not cardinals electing a new pope… with regards to Pope’s, who are human, there have been some pretty bad ones in history, but not one that switched position on dogma.

unless I am wrong(look at my previous replies, or ask my wife…), Lanmac87 - has the Roman Church ever switch their position of Dogma? not (t)raditions, dogma? from my understanding, the Church has clarified dogma as the church matured, but never changed dogma…

Really, it is my understanding that when the magisterium “Speaks with one voice” in a council then that decision is also infallible. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. What I don’t know is that if the election of a Pope is considered a council. It was appear to be as Cardinals from around the world convene, debate, and vote. At least in our modern age where travel is easy compared to the middle ages.

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I’m sure someone more knowledgable than be can answer…

my understanding, ONLY the Pope can declare something infallible as per dogma. 100% of cardinals can say 2+2=4. but unless the Pope agrees “ex cathedra” will it be infallible and dogma. The cardinals(Apostles in succession other then Peter) do not carry the office of prime minister with the keys given to him alone. Not to offend anyone, this according to Catholic teachings…

If you want to discuss this more, lets start a new thread as this is moving away from my original question. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in answering. I appreciate it!!!

No, the assembly of the cardinals to elect a pope is a conclave, not a council. The word “council” is never used in connection with a conclave.

sola scriptura, invented by Luther.

solo scriptura ?

Point being,

neither is taught in scripture, about scripture.

So what? Sola scriptura is a hermeneutical principle, not a doctrine.
I can’t speak to solo scriptura


Most Protestants I speak to, it (sola scriptura) is a central doctrine.

That’s the problem with the term”Protestant “.

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I find the same belief goes with other non Catholic people who go by other names instead of Protestant.

You said “Luther invented sola scriptura”.

true, he did

Then it seems the Lutheran view is the original view.

the Catholic Church, who gave the world, the scriptures we have, never took the view of SS.

True to a degree, but irrelevant. You said other Protestants. They’re not Lutheran. They belong to other traditions. If Luther “invented” sola scriptura, then what they say is also irrelevant.

What can I say? They followed Luther on THAT and many other ideas he taught.

Obviously not. Some think it’s a doctrine. Some think it means nothing else considered.
They obviously didn’t follow him.

yeah, some think all sorts of stuff. :slightly_smiling_face: I like highly descriptive terms


every non-Catholic, I’ve talked with, believes in SS

I’m jumping in…

Yes, I agree with all Catholic teachings, hands down, But…

Our Protestant brothers and sisters should NOT be looked down upon. They love and serve our Lord as we do. I have been to many Pentecostal and protestant services, and they Love the Lord as much as Catholics. The goal of EVERY christian is to search for the truth, as there is only One truth.

All Christians should study\research not only scripture , but their own Traditions, and most importantly(for me anyway) The history since the time of our Lord.

I will absolutely believe the Church(Roman Catholic) contains the full truth, but will never disregard my brethren believers in Christ. I pray we all search for the Truth…

Christ never wanted division between us, and we should feel the same way!!! Just my two cents…

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A narrow circle, perhaps. Certainly the EO doesn’t claim SS. Anglicans are not uniform in such an adherence. AFAIK, neither are Methodists.
But as there are different beliefs regarding the practice, it is irrelevant to say they all believe in SS.
What each tradition believes is up to their teaching.

Actually, it’s A rather wide circle. Those that just go by “Christian” or “Evangelical” etc.

Forgot to exclude them from the mix. Probably because I never run into any Orthodox, that is, minus a few I’ve talked to on these forums

I haven’t run into any Anglicans, regardless of stripe, in the people I’ve communicated with, minus those here on these forums… that is.

Most groups I run into don’t claim belonging to any mainline Protestant denomination. They claim the generic, “Christian” & “Evangelical” label.

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