Sola scriptura gay marriage

Have any of the sola scriptura faiths accepted gay marriage? My simple understanding of the issue is that the acceptance of gay marriage would stem from a human interpretation of scripture.

I guess----to me, the Bible pretty clearly states that gay marriage can’t be, so to accept a belief in gay marriage is to veer away from the doctrine of sola scriptura.

Hopefully our Catholic Church is making it’s laws based on scripture. So, all the faiths should be on the same page! :shrug:

I agree with you Paul is especially emphatic in Romans about acting on homosexuality and, unfortunately, there are churches who do not acknowledge the seriousness of the Word of God. In that respect, they may call themselves Sola Scriptura but they are not teaching it or actually understand its meaning.


The Presbyterian Church USA recognizes “same-sex marriages” but does not force any of its ministers to perform them. source A “We Believe” document from this church’s website officially endorses Sola Scriptura: “In its confessions, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) identifies with the affirmations of the Protestant Reformation. The focus of these affirmations is the rediscovery of God’s grace in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures. The Protestant watchwords—grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone—embody principles of understanding which continue to guide and motivate the people of God in the life of faith.” source (pdf)

Both sources above are from the webiste. Notably, there is also a page called “What do Presbyterians believe about the Bible” that seems to use ‘Scripture Alone’ to explain why Presbyterians are dropping dogmas left and right, and moving towards a “no dogma” stance: “The more grounded I become in the Protestant watchwords grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, the more I question the validity of a question concerning what I believe. … What I believe in has become less important to me over the years than belief.” source

In the strange way the world of social politics and religion are twisting around each other, I feel closer to our Evangelical friends than ever before.

When each person is their own authority they can teach what ever is revealed to them. If that includes same sex marriage who’s going to tell them their holy spirit is wrong? Better question who is going to accept that they are wrong. I am yet to meet one person who holds this doctrine to admit it. Yet every time im told they are being led to all truth by reading the scriptures? sure seems like there is no arbiter there between denominations with contradicting interpretations. Each says things like you just said but generally use the word discernment. Its the same thing a Mormon told me “properly interpreted the bible gives you Mormonism”…Huston we have a problem :shrug:

Here is a more clear source for the above statement:

Silver lining…I guess…?

Right. It is #5 In Fr. Longnecker’s Twelve Things to Remember if the SCOTUS Decision Upsets You. The pro-life movement has increasingly been such an ecumenical shared space between Catholics and Evangelicals. With the recent SCOTUS decision, that shared space will grow.

I hope that I’m not misunderstanding what you are saying but there are denominations who do not give their members the authority to discern what Scripture teaches. They have their doctrine of faith (as we Lutherans have the Book of Concord and the Augsburg Confessions) which they hold to. There are those, as I stated, even among Lutheranism who do not and are willingly allowing active gay members preach as well as get married. Scripture is interpreted within the scope of what society says and done and is not considered the inerrant, inspired Word of God. I need to shrug, too. :shrug:

God bless!


Kinda make one wonder if that’s the way it was supposed to be? I don’t think so. :shrug: Im sure most Catholics would agree. I think we shall see a surge of denominational Christians come to the Church with this realization…although I also fear we will loose a lot of cafeteria Catholics. Id rather have the others anyway.

Pretty clearly states is a strong way of describing your interpretation of scripture. I think that Mathew Vines believes in SS and he is pro marriage(gay marriage like inter-racial marriage will eventually just be marriage). I like both SS and ST and I support marriage equality. The church does not define what marriage is the government does so unless you don’t like separation of church and state I don’t know what to tell you.

SS = Same sex…ST = :confused:

Sola Scriptura=SS , ST=Sacred Tradition

SS could also mean Sacred Scripture. That’s what I think of when I see SS and ST paired together.

Same sex marriage is so far away from inter-racial marriage it isn’t even funny.

Yes, the otherwise conservative and overwhelmingly homosexual in membership “Metropolitan Community Church” has done “Holy Union” ceremonies for years.

They were founded by a defrocked Penecostal preacher.

Well, the PC(USA) hasn’t been Sola Scriptura in decades. They may still call themselves Sola Scriptura just as they call themselves a confessional church. They even have this nice big book of confessions that they freely ignore.

Taking a church that doesn’t even believe in its own confessional interpretations of Scripture to be an example of a Sola Scriptura church is an interesting way to attack Sola Scriptura.

The truth is that this “falling away” is entirely consistent with Protestant theology and Sola Scriptura, which has always maintained that church councils may err and this most surely happens when churches turn away from the authority of Scripture.

We could ask, I’d note, the same question about divorce.

You sum it up pretty well. My denomination (The Church of Scotland) recently had an intense debate on the issue of accepting practicing homosexual ministers. There was no debate on what the Bible said. For both sides it was clear. What the Liberal Wing of the Church argued was that if Paul had been alive today and know what we now know about homosexuality he would not have made the same comments as he did.

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