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Bible Scholar of the Year
(Tim Jones)

Daily Planet religion correspondent Media Halfways reports that Nilsson Publishers (A division of Nilsson/Schmilsson, a subsidiary of Rambling House) has announced the publication of a special edition of the Holy Bible that takes the inspiration for its cover from a recent issue of Time magazine.

The special Sola Scriptura edition features a mirror (made of lightweight reflective Mylar) affixed on the front cover, above the words “Bible Scholar of the Year”.

Nilsson Publishers’ CEO Miles Blandish told the Daily Planet “This is part of an ongoing effort to give the Holy Scriptures new relevance by presenting them in a hip, culturally aware way that grabs the attention of the public. We realize that part of our mission is to stay current, to keep up with trends… to be phat and dope and poppin’ fresh.”.

Time magazine recently revealed their “Man of the Year” issue for 2006, with a mirrored cover that reflects the reader’s face. Blandish admitted “Frankly, we were a little embarrassed that we hadn’t thought of this before. It fits in so well with the idea of Sola Scriptura… what we are saying with this cover is; Who should you really count on to interpret the Bible? The answer? It’s right there on the cover!.. You! Why rely on someone else who might have it all wrong, when you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth?.. so to speak.”.

Nilsson publishes mainly for the Evangelical Christian market. Evangelical Protestants believe that the Scriptures alone are sufficient to answer any question of faith, and that any sincere believer can understand the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit.

So, what does the Bible mean?.. “Whoa, whoa!” Blandish answers when asked about the meaning of Scripture “… that’s not for me to say… you have to decide for yourself. The question is, what does it mean… to you?”.

The Sola Scriptura edition is available at bookstores, or on the Nilsson/Schmilsson website, for the cost of one million Quatloos (hardback).


O, man (oops, ! mean, O, mortal): if i didn’t mind incurring the ill will of my evangelical friends at this particular time of year, I’d forward this to each of them! :smiley:

Reasonably funny

:thumbsup: Point well made!

Also available in a loose leaf ring binder Deluxe Martin Luther Edition to allow the wise reader to decide on a book-by-book basis which books should be included. :wink:

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