Sola Scriptura?

Am I correct in understanding that Sola Scriptura is just beliefs STRICTLY from the Bible? What Protestants do?


the definition used by most Protestants, and since it is their belief that is what matters, is that the Bible contains all knowledge necessary for one’s salvation.

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The term Sola Scriptura itself is often not used today in the in the same original sense. A Lutheran would not view it as a present day non-denominational person would. There is much diversity in protestantism.

Originally, it recognized historical reality and that the Church was visible and basically said that doctrines and practices needed to be ascertainable from the pages of Sacred Scripture as transmitted and lived through the Church. Interpretation of Scripture was viewed in light of the living tradition of the Church.

But today, often the Church is viewed invisibly and divorced from Scripture. In this way, the authority of right interpretation lies solely at the discretion of each individual person. The fruit of this modern philosophy is clearly seen in the plethora of diverse ideas seen today. This view of Sola Scriptura was not remotely close to that of Luther.


Am I correct in understanding that Sola Scriptura is just beliefs STRICTLY from the Bible?

BriarRose87. For all practical purposes (many times) yes that is what is alleged by followers of sola Scriptura folks (your definition).

Why do I say “many times”?

Because when you have private interpretation (and no earthly authority to form your conscience but yourself), then there is always going to be an array of definitions for what sola Scriptura “really” means (and there is an array).

One thing you won’t find though, is a definition of “sola Scriptura” from . . . . the Bible.

There is not one single definition. Each denomination and each person can mold it however they see fit to accommodate their theology…

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Modern Catholic Dictionary:

SOLA SCRIPTURA. In Scripture alone. One of the cardinal principles of Protestantism; it declares that all of divine revelation is contained exclusively in the Bible. It therefore denies that there is any revealed tradition.

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