Solanus Casey's Beatification Mass will be televised on EWTN on Saturday


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EWTN will televise a documentary that looks at the life of the holy Capuchin who will be beatified Nov. 18
Heroic Journey: The Life and Legacy of Father Solanus Casey

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 4 pm, live

Holy Mass and Beatification of Father Solanus Casey

EWTN “Thank God ahead of time,” Capuchin Father Solanus Casey (1870-1957) would tell the thousands of people of all faiths who sought his intercession at St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit. A great many reported cures. Mass will be said at Detroit’s Ford Field.


Thank you. I have been wanting to learn something about him so that documentary will be helpful.


I just found out there is an indulgence opportunity if you either went to the Beatification Mass today or watched on TV. You can get plenary if you were there for all of it, partial if you only stayed for part.

Details here:


I have been following his cause for several years. He is of great interest, since he spent some years in Indiana, my home state. He is a very, very powerful intercessor. I am so glad he has been beatified and will, hopefully soon be a Saint. He is a wonderful role model, proving that the “common man” can become a Saint of the Church.


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