Solar wind blows at 50-year low

Solar wind blows at 50-year low

The solar wind - the stream of charged particles billowing away from the Sun - is at its weakest for 50 years.

Scientists made the assessment after studying 18 years of data from the Ulysses satellite which has sampled the space environment all around our star.
They expect the reduced output to have effects right across the Solar System.
Indeed, one impact is to diminish slightly the influence the Sun has over its local environment which extends billions of kilometres into space.

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"Reduced solar activity also leads to the cooling of Earth’s upper atmosphere and if Earth’s upper atmosphere is cooler then there is less drag up there on satellites and this means we are left with much more debris up there - which is also something astronauts have to look out for."
Some researchers have attempted to link the intensity of cosmic rays at Earth to cloudiness and climate change. Current conditions may be a good opportunity to test these ideas further.

“Cloudiness & climate change” meaning cooling, possibly a Little Ice Age. Buy your parkas now.

Don’t tell Algore!

We may have to start looking at ways of increasing our greenhouse gas output in order to fight this new climate change. I can’t wait for a whole new set of Kyoto Protocols.

:smiley: We cut down more trees this year for fire wood. Triple duty. Cleared out the dead or dying trees. Heat the house. Create greenhouse gas. :smiley: This way we will help the earth keep warm.:wink:

As NASA noted, the fact that the Earth continues to warm, even in the low point of the solar cycle and the cooling end of the el Nino/la Nina process, is pretty disturbing in itself.

When things pick up again…

I just heard a report that the Arctic just hit a record low for this time of year, like 8C below normal, and ice is beginning to re-form.

Who’s reports are we to believe? I tend to take more seriously anyone who doesn’t have a stake or reputation to preserve by maintaining the global warming hysteria.

Not only is solar wind a low, but also the number of sun spots.

And that means the Earth’s temp is falling.

Bundle up.

Since you’re in Pennsylvania, promote the use of Pennsylvania natural gas!

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Gotta do more reading, Barb.

From another CAF post/thread:

Tim Jones here, again.

Via National Review Online, I came across this piece at Investor’s Business Daily on the Terrifying Solar Wind Crisis I blogged about earlier, which points out that;

"…The four major agencies tracking Earth’s temperature, including NASA’s Goddard Institute, report that the Earth cooled 0.7 degree Celsius in 2007, the fastest decline in the age of instrumentation, putting us back to where the Earth was in 1930.

The climate is changing, but not in the direction Al Gore thinks. As the Earth demonstrably cools under a weakening sun, a 10-state coalition on Thursday held the nation’s first carbon allowance auction to deal with a warming trend that may have ended a decade ago."

Global warming is over. Get back to your lives, citizens.


LOL we have seven NG wells along our two mile road so far more are scheduled. There are over 250 permits in my township alone. We don’t own enough land to have one on our property. They want to put a main pipe through our front yard. The farmers sold the road frontage for a few homes (seven of us to be exact) not have to pay the road taxes and assessments. The gas companies don’t think we are worth the cost to lay the small supply lines. So there is not one house that has a gas line to it. So our option was OIL or electric. We went Heat Pump and wood/coal.:shrug:

We do go to the Maple Festival when we can. I did know we had lots of maple trees:D just did not know we have more then NJ.:slight_smile:

eat beans, increase emissions

the satellite has been taking readings for 18 years, yet is able to confidently state results over 50 years. guess there is more to the story.

Bean Burritos from Taco Hell?

Darn it man, stop quoting facts that don’t fit the mythology of global warming.

Biden said, last night, that global warming was made by “man” alone. Sadly it seems that he swallowed the koolaid.

Alaska’s temperature is now 8 degrees below the 30-year average according to some report that was read on the radio.

Posting this to remind everyone that there is yet another “global cooling” indicator to check out.

By the way, one of the sun spot sites is

Let’ see what the most significant “cooling” story was in Alaska this year…

** JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 112, F02S02, doi:10.1029/2006JF000578, 2007

Characteristics of the recent warming of permafrost in Alaska

T. E. Osterkamp

Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


Tentative answers are provided to questions concerning the recent warming of permafrost in Alaska, particularly those regarding timing, duration, magnitude, spatial distribution, seasonality, active layer effects, thawing, thermokarst terrain, and causes. Permafrost warmed at most sites north of the Brooks Range from the Chukchi Sea to the Alaska-Canada border, south along a transect from Prudhoe Bay to Gulkana and at sites up to 300 km from the transect. The warming was coincident with the statewide warming of air temperatures that began in 1976/1977 and appears to have occurred statewide with some exceptions. Magnitude of the warming was 3 to 4°C for the Arctic Coastal Plain, 1 to 2°C for the Brooks Range including its northern and southern foothills, and 0.3 to 1°C south of the Yukon River. This suggests a total warming of >6°C at Prudhoe Bay during the last century. The warming was seasonal (primarily in winter) with little change in summer conditions. Consequently, active layer thicknesses did not increase and were not correlated with warming permafrost conditions. Natural thawing at the permafrost surface (∼0.1 m/yr) occurred at both a tundra and forest site. Basal thawing at one site was ∼0.04 m/yr until 2000 when it accelerated to ∼0.09 m/yr. New thermokarst terrain has been observed in interior and northern Alaska. Probable causes of the warming include increased air temperatures, snow cover effects, and combinations of these. New investigations are needed to further determine the characteristics, especially the causes, of this recent permafrost warming. **

Um, Al? They call it “permafrost”, because it’s not supposed to thaw out, ever.

If this is “cooling”, maybe I need some cooling for my house this winter. :slight_smile:

Still no sunspots.

Global cooling with a vengeance.

How does cooling melt permafrost? If sunspot activity is at a 50-year low, it should be getting colder, not warmer.

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