Solar windstorm Warning from NASA

On June 14th NASA was conducting a scan of the sun and it seems there will be a solar wind that will hit the earth sometime tonight. So if the sky is clear tonight, you’re in for a real treat, aurora Borealis.

(be sure to unplug your garage door openers and computers tonight as the solar wind will cause electromagnetic interference)

Where is the Site for this from NASA?

I get to see Aurora Borealis a lot where I live but what saddens me is that the colors from my youth are gone. ): I remember it being full of color but now it’s primarily blue/greenish in color. So sad… still, on a REALLY quiet night when the Aurora Borealis is high in the sky you can HEAR crackling coming from above. It’s really neat. :slight_smile:

Oops not NASA I meant the NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

What’s a solar wind?:stuck_out_tongue:

When the sun farts.


This would be great if I didn’t live in the interior of Alaska- Land of the Midnight Sun. Hopefully, this will be a better year of the Lights because last year they were not so active.

We need a link.

Here is the link, along with some other info

NOAA Scales Activity
Range 1 (minor) to 5 (extreme) NOAA Scale Past 24 hrs CurrentGeomagnetic Radiation

Who will get to see this? Will only certain areas see this? Do we have a time frame for when we will be able to see it?

If you look at the image on the OP, you will see it is a polar projection of Canada and the USA. The colored area indicates where it is likely to be visible. Oklahoma appears to be too far south.

Cool! I don’t think i’ve ever seen them… any way of telling how long they will present for?

I live in Wisconsin.

I’m not surprised. :frowning: Dh used to see those things when he lived in South Dakota.

Well on the diagram it said at around midnight eastern standard time. (5am GMT)
Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it because of cloud cover. But I do remember the last time it was this far south, noone really paid attention to the papers so pretty much all the garage door openers in town were going nuts

oh and here’s the link:

We see them sometimes here in northern Michigan.

When I was up in Alaska in the Air Force, we saw them all the time. We’d take a deuce and a half and park it out someplace dark where they couldn’t find us :wink: and climb out and sit on the hood and watch them. Great show. They’d flicker and dance in front of you, then flicker and dance behind you, and then all of a sidden they’d pinwheel right over your head. Every color of the rainbow.

Best show in town, and all free. If you could take the cold----it had to get right down there to about 20 to 30 degrees below zero before they really got good. That’s why we sat on the hoods of the trucks with the engines running. :slight_smile:

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