Sold soul by accident?

I’m a 20 years old Catholic, who recently repent for all my sin.I constantly get thought to “Trade my soul for this and that” sometimes I get a thought to trade my soul for a simple stuff eg “game”. One day I was thinking (more like daydreaming) “I would sell my soul to get this” and then I get that. After that I got very scared because I didn’t mean it. I’m afraid I’ve already sold my soul.

The soul is an immaterial object. It cannot be sold.

The only way to “lose your soul” so to speak is to die in a state of unrepentant mortal sin, which would most likely send you to Hell.


You/your soul has been purchased already at great price. It’s not even yours to sell or trade. Property of Jesus Christ.


Such thoughts are only a momentary and passing hyperbole. Not serious.


I mean like the odds i get that is only 1% and I get it after thinking about it…
Sorry for being weird…

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you are fine.

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thanks for the reply
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There are no odds. God owns our soul. Are you Catholic?


A friend of mine used to say “I would give my right arm…” (or sometimes other body parts :open_mouth:).

If you like, perhaps you could switch to such an expression.

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Take heart from an Elizabethan play by Christopher Marlowe, ‘Dr Faustus’. Even after signing a pact with the devil (selling his soul) Dr Faustus sees an angel holding a chalice containing the precious blood of Jesus and says, “One drop of blood will save me.” But he has to repent first.

The devil cannot ‘buy’ your soul and claim ownership of it.


Words are important.
Choose wisely.
Talk to your priest about this. He will advise you well.

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Every time such a phrase comes into your mind, thank God for sending Jesus to purchase your soul. Start reading your Bible so your mind can be transformed.

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My friend said in 5th grade he sold his soul to the devil…


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Have you been baptized?

First, you can’t sell your soul. It’s not a material thing.
Second, even if it could be done, it would definitely not be something that could be done by accident.

I’m a Catholic and I’ve been baptized since I was a baby.
Still I’m still afraid that I sold my soul…

You, we, no one can sell our souls. That’s a fictional fantasy plot. It’s not real.
Please go and talk to your Priest

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Even if you did you can reclaim lost ground. I doubt that you did. But as long as you are alive God can redeem you if you haven’t been given over to complete depravity. All you have to do is ask God for help. It is probably just temptation. I know how you feel. I’ve been there weird thoughts are weird.

Also you guys are wrong about this. There are pious legends in our tradition about people who have willingly made pacts with the devil. It happens.

We do not own our souls, God does. We cannot sell something we don’t own

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