Soldier heads to prison

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Soldier heads to prison
Posted On: Saturday, Oct. 3 2009 04:02 AM
By Amanda Kim Stairrett
Killeen Daily Herald
FORT HOOD – A soldier who contacted the Army posing as a member of a Mexican drug cartel to make ransom demands on himself was sentenced to three years in prison Friday afternoon.

James Andrew Gonzalez, a soldier in Able Troop, 4th Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, went missing July 11 after visiting family in Robstown, according to an Associated Press report…

Wow no responses! I did get them on other websites. This is what I posted on some other websites I’m not trying to bump this thread:

Just thought I would share this war story with you.

I was stationed in Germany one time had this PFC trooper that was a problem child we had to convoy up to the Belgium sector which was three hundred miles from our Base Camp. We had to hook up to a NATO circuit.

We stop at a highway rest area and this kid is puking, sick as a dog telling me he has to go to hospital. So I’m getting ready to call a German ambulance because we are not by any American or British camps. Then another trooper comes up to me and says, “Hey Sarge, just wanted to let you know he drank almost a full bottle of JD riding up here.”

So I went up to the troop and said, “I just called a German ambulance, they’re on their way you will be taken to a German hospital we’re leaving, you know mission comes first.”

Well he started crying, and I started yelling he finally admitted he was sick because he was drunk. I told him you better not “Mess” [not the word I said] with me again and when this is over you will be buffing a lot of floors and cleaning the latrine for a long time.

So before we left our Headquarters we were ordered by our Commander that there will be no drinking in the field because he knew the Belgium and German armies had beer tents. Of course being normal American Enlisted Troopers we are going to disobey that order.

So me and another Buck Sergeant one day went to a German Guesthouse and got two cases of beer. I get close to our site and stop the guy gets out of the jeep with the beer and runs into the woods. I drive into our site and just as I’m putting the chain around the steering wheel and lock it up this same trooper I had trouble with comes up to me.

“Hey Sarge why did Sergeant X run into the woods with a case of beer?” He stood there smiling at me. I grabbed this Trooper and slammed him against one of those big German oak trees. He’s on the ground looking at me kind of dazed and I said, “What the hell did you see?” He said, “Nothing Sergeant.” I told you don’t “Mess” with me!

You know I never had a problem out of that trooper again he ended being a pretty good soldier.

Maybe some NCO should have slammed this guy I don’t know sometimes you get stupid troopers you try to work with them but they ended just being knuckleheads and you can’t do anything with a knucklehead.

BTW: We had radio teletype and landline teletype the NATO circuit was our LL teletype we connected to a Belgium cable, British switchboard, and last to German multichannel. The British, God blessed them kept on pulling out their switchboard cables; man did they have old equipment. So we mostly relied on our American Radio teletype rigs. Of course back then; all analog.

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