Solemn Benediction with Cardinal Burke

Here are a few photos of the Solemn Benediction with His Eminence Cardinal Burke at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory. Thank you Cardinal Burke for all you do!

The entire set can be seen here

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.


Wow, beautiful. God bless him.

Funny, pbr, because I’ve actually run across your site several times. I was directed there from the ICRSS site and I just never connected it with you.

But yes, wonderful photos.

I plan to make my first visit to the oratory on Ash Wednesday. These photos only increase my excitement! :smiley:

I realize this is not a popular opinion here, but while I have no problem with ornate liturgical vestments, the cappa magna is not liturgical, and to me is far more about the wearer than giving glory to Jesus.

That is excellent!

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