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Our priest wants to purchase a new set of daily Mass vestments in Advent violet, Lent violet, white, red, and green; and a set of Solemn Mass vestments in violet, white for the Blessed Virgin, rose, and green.

This is going to be quite an expense, and I’m wondering, are all these vestments necessary? For example, our previous pastor wore the same green vestment for daily Mass as he did Sunday. Was that really a problem?


He needs two different colors for Advent and Lent “violet”?

Our Art & Environment lady says that she always forgets how many shades of violet there are until Lent or Advent begin. None of the cloths we have match each other.

  1. In the Church, which is the the Body of Christ, not all members have the same office. This variety of offices in the celebration of the Eucharist is shown outwardly by the diversity of sacred vestments, which should therefore be a sign of the office proper to each minister. At the same time, however, the sacred vestments should also contribute to the beauty of the sacred action itself. It is appropriate that the vestments to be worn by priests and deacons, as well as those garments to be worn by lay ministers, be blessed according to the rite described in the Roman Ritual137 before they put into liturgical use.

^^ General Instruction of the Roman Missal ^^

Basically the vestment should be proper to the action. IE one should not ware superman stole/cope/chasuble during Mass like that one priest in Mexico (note this is for US only idk how Mexico’s bishops feel about it.)

If your priest wants to buy more fancy ones for Solemnities and Sundays than great.

Any vestment suited for a Sunday and/or Solemnity is well suited for daily mass.


Really, there is no difference in violets for the liturgy. One violet is as good as another for both Lent and Advent. It seems to me that buying two sets just on this principle is rather unnecessary.

Anyway, no, it is not necessary, but there is nothing wrong with it. I think it is a good thing to use simple vestments for daily Masses and more elaborate ones for Solemnities and whatnot.


None of this is truly necessary.

But there is something to be said for vesting to the occasion. Since Sundays are of higher rank than weekdays it is appropriate to have more festive vestments than on weekdays. Also, it has become something of a custom in the United States (I can’t speak to other countries) to use blue-violet for Advent and red-violet for Lent. This custom is just that: a custom. It is not liturgically required. But I have to admit that I kind of like the variation.

What it all comes down to is how much money your parish can reasonably spend on vestments. Buying them all at once will obviously cost quite a bit but it might also result in a discount on the individual vestments.

There is nothing wrong with asking your priest if this is a wise investment. But vestments are a part of the decorations in a church so the thought process that goes into purchasing vestments is going to be similar to that of upgrading the appearance of the building.

You could always pray that a wealthy parishioner steps forward with a donation to use for vestments.


Just a suggestion here, but for anyone handy with a sewing machine, there are plenty of patterns available at reasonable cost. A google on “vestment patterns” will bring up oodles of links. The patterns, of course, are one-time investments, but someone who knows how to cut a pattern from an existing vestment could circumvent even that cost. Fabric and ornamentation/decoration need not be overly costly either so, in theory at least, the costs involved would not necessarily be astronomical, at least for the more simple sets. Perhaps something like a “parish sewing bee” might be arranged. :slight_smile:

The bolded portion above leads me to ask if these vestments are for the Usus Antiquior?


Perhaps ask if an inventory has been taken of what your parish already owns. In this parish some vestments are owned by the parish and some by individual priests. The closets in the sacristy are very full, but I know we have a specific inventory.

Your priest or sacristan may uncover appropriate vestments after a good search through. Then a new determination can be made of what is *needed *and what additional items your priest may want to have.

Before fundraising is done, a decision should be made if these vestments will then belong to the parish or be gifts to the priest that he may take with him when he leaves. Perhaps two lists can be made and folks can contribute as they wish.

I love beautiful vestments, but how much the parish wishes to spend on this goal vs other needs/wants should be taken into consideration.

I also agree that two shades of violet are not necessary at all - especially if there are also two sets of altar cloths etc. which can drives costs up considerably.

Having perhaps the weekday vestments created by parishioners is a great idea. If there is a group with the talent and time to do this, they may want to start with altering or embellishing existing vestments. For example, any plain full circle chasubles can be cut down to the U-shaped design and then have the tau design added.


to something more like this:


Query: why no Solemn Mass vestments in Red or Black? Also, do mean that the Solemn Mass vestments should include a Dalmatic(s) and Tunicle? What of matching Copes?

In any event, it’s a question of money and taste.
The advice given above is fine. Just wondering what you mean exactly…


Good comments…thanks everyone.

johnnykins, I was quoting verbatim what was in our bulletin. I too wondered why no red Solemn Mass vestment. As for black, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a priest in a black vestment. As for the other things you mentioned, the bulletin actually said,
“Solemn Mass Vestment set, Green”
“Solemn Mass vestment set, Rose”
“Solemn Mass Vestment, White for Blessed Virgin”
“Solemn Mass Vestment, Violet”.

Now, why only green and rose in a set and not the other two colors, and what constitutes a set, I have no idea.


They do in Roman style chasubles and semi Gothic chasubles


Why no rose vestments?

If we’re talking about the EF and solemn Mass vestments that are a full set for both deacon and subdeacon, realistically one only needs gold vestments, as they may be substituted for almost any color for sufficient reason.

The question to ask is how many solemn Masses does your parish do? When do they usually do them? I would think that it be sufficient for a nice set of white, gold, and black vestments be sufficient for most parishes.


Well a set sometimes includes a chasuble, stole, maniple, dalmatic, the deacon’s stole, chalice veil, and a burse.


Vestments Pl sells the fabric what the vesments are made of and you can use that for alter drapes

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