Solemnity of Mary- New Years Day


Here in Canada the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God Mass (January 1) is a Holy Day of Obligation. Our church also has a Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary Mass on December 31st.

If I attend the Vigil Mass only- did I fulfill my Holy Day of Obligation? I think it does but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!


My understanding is that you would also need to attend a different Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation, but, with that in mind, yes a Mass on the evening of the 31st fulfills your obligation for New Years day.


Attending Mass on Sunday evening for a Monday holy day does fulfill the holy day obligation.

However, you also have a Sunday obligation. Two obligations, two masses. You would need to attend mass either on Saturday evening or Sunday morning to fulfill the obligation for Sunday, Dec 31 in order to fulfill the Jan 1 obligation on Sunday evening.


Thanks for your responses- yes absolutely the Vigil mass and regular Sunday mass are 2 different masses for me. Just wanted to be sure the Vigil mass would meet the Holy Day Obligation as well even if technically it’s not on the Holy Day,


This is similar to the Sunday/Christmas Obligation question this year.
Both days are an obligation and requires attendance at a Mass for each. You can’t get a 2 for 1 deal. A vigil Mass for the Soleminty of Mary Mother of God on the Sunday evening fulfils the obligation for that Solemnity but does not fulfil the Sunday obligation.


In the US there is no Obligation for Jan 1, 2018.

". Since the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God on January 1, 2018 falls on a Monday
this year, it is not observed as a Holyday of Obligation."

For Christmas you cannot get a 2-fer-1 :slight_smile:


The OP is in Canada, and in Canada it IS a HDO this year and every year, no matter what day it falls on.


Yes this is especially important as we only have the two HDO- Christmas and Mary, Mother of God. This year we have double Mass obligations two weekends in a row.


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