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I joined earlier this month. It’s a neat site where you can trade books and pay only postage. This covers hardcover and paperbacks, as well as audio books.

I’ve been THRILLED with it, and have sent and rec’d many books.

Lately, I’ve been looking in the Religious > Christian > Catholic section and found that most books posted there are of little or no interest to me. Some of the Catholic books talk about ‘surviving a marriage to a Catholic’, etc. :frowning:

I have posted just a few Catholic books - very faithful books that just didn’t connect with me. It’s tough - I have a lot of books but don’t want to part with them.

So, I’m looking for anyone here that is a member that would want to be on my buddy list. Or, if I can get some of you to join and post some good books - I would be thrilled.

Any takers??

I read a lot of very heavy non-fiction in my work, and try to read some Catholic Apologetics. But to relax, I am often looking for good Catholic fiction and just don’t find much out there. After CS Lewis, Tolkein, Michael Obrien, lew Wallace, Walter Miller and some Tayler Caldwell, I just don’t find much worth reading. Anyway, if there is a thread or discussion going on somewhere on this cite, I would appreciate being pointed to it.

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I love William Biersach’s mystery novels as solidly Catholic as you can get, Also Sophia Press is starting a Catholic Fiction division and have brought out several books - aimed at young adults but I still read them if they’re very Catholic - one was Catholic Reluctantly and another is The Tripods Attack!. I loved them both and they were very fast reads - probably since I’m too old (61) for them but I look forward to more in the series. Also, years ago there was a Catholic Digest book series which I’ve picked up as many as I can at used book sales. Like the RD books they have both complete and parts of both fiction and true stories which are great reads. Also introduced me to authors I’d never heard of.

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I heartily recommend A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter J. Miller, its been called one of the best novels of the Century and its very solidly Catholic (It is about a fictonal religious order after all)

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