Solid Catholic Colleges for Counseling


Hello, I would just like to ask for help with finding good Catholic Colleges, that are faithful to The Church, and that will help me to become a school counselor. I was hoping that it was somewhere in California, but I am willing to go through online courses if I have to. Thanks.


The only one I’m familiar with is Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. Though they are mostly known for their large theology program, they also have a solid graduate level Counseling program, too.

Of course, I know with counseling, it is often preferable to go to school in the state where you plan on practicing as it makes certification and licensing issues much easier. Wherever you go, you’d just have to ask those questions before you take the plunge so that you know what is required. I’m not sure how that applies to school counseling in particular or what differences there might be with other types of counseling. :o

You could take a look at the Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges and start from there. I’m not sure how many are in California. I know John Paul the Great is, but I don’t believe they have a counseling program.


Great, thank you Joe. I’ve just been really having a hard time deciding whether or not I should continue on with going through a secular college to achieve that career goal of mine. Please keep me in your prayers and thanks again.


Divine Mercy University in Virginia just began on online MS in Counseling. It looks like an excellent program. The cost is around $50,000. I looked into it but that is too much debt to take on at my age. For a younger person, maybe it is more feasible.





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