Solid Catholic Dioceses to Move to?


Hello, I am new here and came here because I was on another site trying to find a good solid diocese to move to and a poster suggested I ask here.

We would like to move to a better diocese…dh is self employed so job outlook would not be terrible crucial and we homeschool so school systems are not that important either. If we were to add in all our “wishful thinkings” we would move to a solidly Catholic conservative diocese in a place which gets a nice amount of snow in the winter (we love snow) and has at least some rolling hills and stuff to do outdoors. We would also like a somewhat low cost of living area where we could buy a decent sized house with some acreage for the kids to play outside. We are not into being in the city and would prefer a rural area. shopping and restaurants are not big deals to us either…shopping with 7 kids is not my first choice for fun! We are an oddity here where we live now even within our parish and would like to be in an area where there are others like us. We want a place for our children to be with other Catholic children who do not play Nintendo DS during Mass (and yes, tonight at Mass, my dd observed that the organist’s son played his DS all during Mass…this son has received First Communion so he is old enough to participate in the Mass I would think)

Are there any areas that fit this? I know that Lincoln Nebraska is a great place but it is too flat for dh. Some other places that have been suggested have been Steubenville Oh, (but then I keep hearing it is crime ridden), North Dakota (but I hear there are few families with children there, mostly elderly people), Denver Co which seems to be too expensive for us, and the Wichita Kansas diocese which sounds as if it may be a good fit! Any comments on any of these places or suggestions of other places to look? I’d like to do some research for a while and try to move in the next year or two…The more info the better! Thank you so much for any help you can give me!
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Well, I mean really, what is the point of this?

Today’s “solid” diocese could change tomorrow if its bishop dies, retires, or is transferred. Priests and bishops come and go and it is the faith that remains.

The important thing is that we are Catholic-- which means universal. We are called to be Catholic wherever we are-- to witness to the world. Perhaps you are needed where you are as a witness.

I hardly think moving your family based on the quest for a perfect parish is wise. Even if you find this elusive diocese/parish… your organist and her Nintendo playing son could move there too! Really-- you are going to find sinners wherever you go, people who irk you or let their kids run amok during Mass or whatever.


Well - there’s aways Ave Maria in Florida… but there are many interesting opinions about that place.



I understand your desire for a solid Catholic Diocese. We have 7 children as well, and it helps out A WHOLE LOT to have support around you in the area of faith formation. I don’t need to tell you that I’m sure! Anyway, I don’t know about other dioceses other than my own, which is the Erie Diocese in PA, which does not seem to have a great reputation but our parish in particular is supportive and strong. I wish I could help you a little more than that. Maybe other posters can chime in here??


No snow to speak of here… but we are one of the most beautiful spots for hills and outdoors, with great Catholic Parishes, low cost of living - Central Arkansas :thumbsup:


As 1ke said, moving might or might not solve your problem. Are you going to move every time the bishop changes? You might be better off changing parishes, for a start, and see if that helps.

But, because you asked, I seem to remember either Envoy or Crisis doing a study of the top US dioceses. Among those were Lincoln, NE; Peoria, IL; Rockford, IL; Erie, PA; someplace in Michigan, Lansing I think; I want to say Phoenix, AZ. there was a big fat download in pdf format, and of course I can’t find it to save my life.


Missouri. Both Kansas City/St. Joseph and St. Louis have solid orthodox bishops. It’s beautiful here, definitely snows, and there are lots of great smaller communities outside of the cities. On the KC side, there is Conception, which has the Abbey right there. Also, Missouri has great homeschool laws–another plus for you. Come on down!


Just avoid the Springfield/Cape G diocese. They just got a new Bishop, but, it will take some time for him to change what has been allowed to happen there.


Thank you so very much for the helpful suggestions. For good or bad, our family has decided that we want to be in a better diocese and I don’t believe that the good ones fall into ruin as quickly as has been intimated. I’m grateful for the suggestions that have been made and will keep looking into those areas. Many are ones I had not considered.

I must say that aside from the helpful suggestions, I don’t find some of your answers particularly friendly or encouraging to post more here. I had been told this was a helpful friendly forum but am not sure that I agree. And FWIW, my dh and I have prayed and discussed the issue of are we called to stay here to help this diocese or are we called to do what is best for our children? And we have come to the decision that our children come first and that this diocese is harmful. Later, we can be missionaries or whatever…

I think I will keep looking for a Catholic forum as well.


Have you considered the diocese of Ft.Wayne/South Bend (Indiana)? We have a lovely little university by the name of Notre Dame-perhaps you’ve heard of it? :wink: Beautiful geography,fabulous winters and solid,midwestern values.
I can’t recommend it highly enough,but please pm if you want further details. :thumbsup:


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