Solitary Confinement

I understand prisoners need to be punished for their crimes and I do get that. I think solitary confinement can be used in certain cases of an inmate being extremely dangerous or something. The problem I think that is with solitary confinement is people are oftentimes in cells for 20+ hours a day. I think that this is inhumane and can cause serious psycological issues. I personally think It can be a form of torture. I think that there needs to be a way to get inmates to feel bad or sorry for what they did without locking them in a box for sometimes years on end.

For example when soldiers were fighting the Japanese in WW11, soldiers would thrown into solitary confinement as torture. Now a days people get treated more fairly but still in both cases prisoners often times go mad.

My mother used to lock me in a dark closet that was a small slide panel down along side of the wall in our loft/attic. It was full of asbestos and mice. She would leave me in there for whole weekends while she went out and partied. She kept a deadbolt on the outside latch. I would sit in there with my favorite stuffed animal, covered in thilth. She was strange, and became a drug addict so what was once a normal household turned into prison when my dad left us. As an adult I have on and off bouts of agoraphobic panic attacks and hide under my desk alone in my room or lock myself in the toilet room of my apartment. The longest I stayed there was 3 days, but I’ve gone months at a time not leaving my bedroom cept to use the restroom. That was years ago, I’ve since been O.K but still do withdrawal from time to time and my priest knows this is what’s happening if I skip mass or don’t show up for other things. Yes it is torture, and lonely. In solitary confinement I feel safe. Some people go crazy from it, some find solace. In Japan there is a culture surroundinf isolation, its common among youngsters there, I think they call it " Hakikomori" something to look into for perspective. If I were ever in prison I’d rather be in solitary than around people who could and would hurt me. I’m a coward like that. :blush:

I’ve actually envisioned a jail that has shorter sentences but everyone does solitary confinement. I do not mean that they are completely alone, but they would have zero contact with other inmates. Instead guards would double as counselors and volunteers would assist.
Inmates would be required to spend the day reading, writing, and exercising.I have not decided how to run prisons yet, but in the case of dangerous inmates, if they get put in solitary, it is them doing that to themselves.

Former Correctional Officer here. Walk a maximum security tier for 12 hours then get back to us on rather you believe we should keep certain people isolated or not.

P.S. dont talk to them through the door cracks… human pee tastes gross…you’re welcome :thumbsup:

Pray to the Lord for a softer heart.

I’m really sorry to hear of the difficulties you have had in your life. I will pray for you.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Thats unnecessary.

What is your experience with the penal world?

I am in favour of the the use of solitary confinement and I don’t consider it inhumane at all.

So you think these inmates should be caged like animals. Even though a lot of them are murderers, and have committed other heinous crimes does that mean they get to be treated like ****.

Also there have been studies and it does have damaging effects on mental health.

Gee, I wonder what made them this way?

Our correctional institutions and really entire justice system need a serious overhaul, they are still medieval in many ways. There are more effective ways to ensure people are rehabilitated, heck it is 2017 now.

The problem is, rehabilitation is not the ultimate goal, punishment and revenge are.

Just speaking to current or former people that are in law enforcement or the justice system is proof of this, for most of them, their jobs are their lives, its not just a job, its a personal thing.

This is an American problem. People are often thrown into prison for nonviolent crimes and come out worse.

In many Scandinavian countries, there are ‘open’ prisons where “the punishment is the restriction of liberty; no other rights have been removed." Inmates are actually rehabilitated and are far less likely to be repeat offenders.

I don’t agree they are caged and treated like animals. That is simply your opinion.

Not all are caged like animals but many are. Take a moment just to scroll down to the first picture. Better yet, read the article. This is not a new revelation and there are tons of stats to back this up.

“U.S. incarceration rates are the highest in the world, about 10 times those throughout Scandinavia”


That is because rehabilitation is not really the goal anymore in the US justice system.

A good example would be drug crimes, once a person is convicted of selling or trafficking drugs, they can never again get any financial aid for going to school, another good example is felonies in general, once one is committed it stays on a persons record FOR LIFE, even if they go 45 yrs and clean up their act, they are still burdened with this scarlet letter, and with almost every employer doing pre employment background checks, its almost guaranteed that person will continue to commit crimes, they really go to great lengths to ensure a certain number of people remain criminals.

Id imagine this has to do with money, in order to justify more jails, more cops, larger budgets, there must be enough people committing crimes, if you take away their ability to get a legitimate job, of course they are going to rely on illegal acts to earn money.

I totally agree with everything you just said. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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