Solo Scriptura - what other sources?

What sources other than the Bible can a person look to for infallible teaching?

Does the CCC have both official and unofficial teaching?

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Teaching is an activity that requires intellect and will, and therefore cannot be conducted by a text, however Holy.

We consider the Holy Scriptures to be inspired (God Breathed) and inerrant.

The gift of Teaching was given to Christ by the Church. The gift of infallibility was given tot he Church to prevent her from falling into error, which would cause the members to pass through the gates of hell.

The CCC lays out the Church’s doctrinal conclusions based on scriptural interpretation and sacred tradition. If you are specifically looking for infallibility, the CCC is the way to go.

We use additional sources to support and confirm the history and origins of infallible teachings, such as Church fathers.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church sums up the Church’s teachings.

Does the CCC have both official and unofficial teaching?

Yes, the Catechism is an official publication but has commentary that could be called unofficial.

Not official and unofficial but the CCC contains infallible and non-infallible teachings (both are official). Catholics are bound by both.

Everything in the CCC is “official” and it is a sure norm for the faith, but it is not considered an infallible document. There are many levels of teaching in the Church. This article might help

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