Solving the Problem of the Inability to Go to Mass

So. As many of you know I am unable to go to Mass after a stroke-like episode in September.
I tried to go to mass many times but I would be convulsing and I would end up in a critical condition. I am in pain for so long that it is unbearable.

I have come to all of you for guidance- my priest is also very sick at this moment, and there are no one to give communion to me. I really want to go to Mass but there is no way. What should I do? My mom and I planned extensively on going to Mass tomorrow on Christmas Day with medical plans behind, but we do not know what will happen.

What do you guys think?

If you are sick there is no obligation to go to Mass, so that’s at least one thing not to have to worry about. Perhaps you could watch it on TV or the Internet. It’s not the same as being there in person, but would at least allow you to pray with others.

The other issue is that your parish should have a program in place to bring communion to the sick. Give them a call after Christmas and see if you can have someone come regularly so that you can receive the Eucharist and keep in contact with the parish.

Prayers for you during this blessed season.


I think you should call the parish about communion for the sick, lay people can also being communion, not just priests.

I’m sorry you’ve been so ill. I think you should follow your doctor’s guidance on your activities.


In your particular case you can watch Mass on TV and have someone bring the Eucharist to you.

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Call your Parish. They should have a Ministry to the Sick. There will be trained and approved people who will visit, pray with you and bring the Eucharist. I visit people in their homes as often as they need. Other Extraordinary Ministers to the sick and home bound in my parish visit the assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospice. In my parish only Clergy or those serving in in this Ministry may bring the Eucharist. It is strictly forbidden for others to bring the Eucharist.

There are prayers to spiritually receive if you are unable to attend mass tomorrow. You are not obligated to attend if you are sick but do spend some prayerful time with Him at home. Watch the Mass on EWTN and consider spending some time meditating on the message and talking to Him. If you have a friend or family member at Mass tomorrow perhaps ask them to speak to the sacristan. They may be able to point out an EMHC to the Sick and assist in obtaining permission from your Pastor to visit you that day if they are able to. I would if such a need was brought to my attention. Normally in my parish all requests must go through the office first.

I’m sorry you have been sick. I will pray for you.


You can watch Sunday and Daily masses on this YouTube channel:

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If you go sit where you can get out of a door easily and not cause a “rucus” in case something happens. SOMEBODY at your Church should be giving Holy Communion. Try asking another Priest from another Parish and explain why you can’t make it. Many would be more than happy to come hear your Confession, anoint you and give you Holy Communion.

Praying for you

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

In addition to the many suggestions already given, you can meditate on all those who are also “imprisoned” and cannot go to Mass. For some reason I think a lot about those sent to camps by the Nazi’s and Japanese during WWII. There was no way to have a Mass because they were not permitted to have the elements needed to consecrate, or did not have a priest. Join your suffering with theirs.

During the rule of communists in Russia the faithful would lay faithful, bereft of a priest, would lay the chasuble upon the empty altar and pray for deliverance so that they could return to practicing their faith in peace.

Have you considered the purchase of a Sunday Missal?

The prayers of devout invalids are powerful with God. It is sad that you cannot go to Mass, but you can act as part of God’s priestly people by offering up your sadness to God, and making a spiritual communion. You are carrying your cross, and giving the crucified Jesus some company. Your bodily weakness can help you gain spiritual strength.

That said, I really hope you can get in contact with your parish and receive Communion soon!

Remember that you can watch EWTN TV, or listen to EWTN radio, by way of the internet, even if you don’t have cable. There are a lot of good resources for growing in your faith, even at home.

I was actually talking to a friend of mine that is Catholic about completely valid reasons to miss Mass, and he was in a car wreck and is still suffering from injuries, but, depending on his medication and dosage, he’s sometimes able to. I went with him Sunday because I needed a lift, I wanted to go in the morning, but his medication made that improbable, as he couldn’t wake up. So, we went in the afternoon. He said if I wouldn’t have gone, he probably wouldn’t have, but, he’s glad he did, as the priest heard confessions afterward, and he felt he needed to go. If you are having trouble getting to Mass, but you still want to receive the sacraments, that can be arranged, if you can find a priest, any priest, to come to you, maybe not today, because they’ll be busy, try to do so. As it stands, in your condition, you would not have to attend Mass. THAT said, I find it to be quite good that you want to go. We need more people like that. By the way, if you get the chance, because of your condition, read about Alexandrina of Balazar.

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I was talking to a missionary about how I want to go to Mass so badly. I have many, many friends in Canada as I was educated there for 10 years. I am so sorry to hear about your friend! I initially started with muscle weakness and lost the ability the walk- I am walking now, but I had severe seizures (as mentioned) and I can enter into a convulsion anywhere so it makes going outside very dangerous… I really, really want to go to Mass, however. I will ask my Priest about the Eucharist- I need His presence because I miss Him.
I will look up the saint! I just found out that I had multiple rare genetic conditions, and they are chronic. Her story will inspire me to look up to Him and know that He is my salvation.

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