Somali Terror Org Kills Dozens in Bus Attack Targeting Non-Muslims


Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for a bus attack that killed 28 people in Northern Kenya this morning, CNN reports. According to Reuters, gunmen separated passengers into groups of Muslims and suspected non-Muslims, sparing those who could recite the Koran.

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Kenya bus killings claimed by Somali Islamic terror group al-Shabab


Those devils! I read this story last night.
Sad! May God protect protect the Christians in Africa.


The real devils are those funding this massive enterprise. Billions are involved and where is that money coming from. It is coming from the oil barons of the Middle East. And so far not much has been done to identify these sources.



The media downplays Islamic terrorism by claiming that these groups are competing against each other. But notice in the picture they are marching with the ISIS flag. And Boko Haram also said they are one with ISIS. These Sunni Islamist groups have different names around the world, but they are all united.


I have never seen soldiers wear sandals before. If they have so much money why can’t they afford proper footwear for a soldier?

They get a lot of their money from the oil they own and sell.


The Keystone pipeline would reduce the US dependence on Islamic terrorist oil.


From another source:

Jihadi gunmen kill 28 passengers on Kenyan bus… for not being Muslim
*]Gunmen ambushed bus as it headed to Nairobi from border town Mandera
*]They ordered Muslims to get off bus, before trying to drive off with victims
*]But when bus got stuck, militants killed prisoners and fled to Somalia
*]They forced victims to read from Koran before shooting them in the head
*]Shebab said ‘perishing’ was in retribution for last week’s raids in Mombasa
*]Four people were stabbed to death on Monday in another revenge attack


They are cowards!


** Kenya bus attack: Military ‘kills 100 Shabab militants’ **

*The driver of the bus tried to accelerate away from the militants, but the vehicle got stuck in wet mud *

“I can assure you that those behind the attack did not even take their supper,” he was quoted as saying by the Standard newspaper.

“They were killed by our officers who we sent out immediately after the attack. They did not find time to celebrate their heinous crime.”

Pray for the people of Kenya, they have attacked Christian Churches including Catholic Churches.


Wow, I post this here because it is another deplorable unbelievable terrorist assault on humanity, suicide bomber hits a volleyball tournament in Afghanistan, 45 dead.


There is a stark contrast between Catholicism and Sunni Islam. Catholics have the daily Mass. But Sunni Islam fundamentalists have daily murder sprees.


I get really depressed reading stories like this over and over.
Terrible atrocities! Makes me feel unsafe even though I live far from where these attacks and killings happen.


These terrorist organizations make it extremely difficult to keep hating the sin separate from hating the sinner.


That’s not the ISIS flag. That would be a flag that ISIS and other Sunni Islamic extremist groups have/do use. Look up the “Black Banner”/“Black Standard”. The words, coloration, and symbol come from/linked to Muhammad.


My advice would be to focus on why and for Whom you are trying not to hate the sinner. It’s still a task not to hate or want to hate the sinner (especially given what some of their sins are), but it does help.


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