Somali woman and journalist arrested for reporting rape


From the BBC:
A woman has been arrested in Somalia’s capital after she alleged in a video interview posted online that she had been raped at gunpoint by colleagues.

The journalist who interviewed the 19-year-old has also been detained in Mogadishu, but the two men accused of rape have not been arrested.

It has been reported that the arrests came after those accused of rape complained about defamation.




Not if you’re familiar with the culture of that region of the world where rape victims are punished for alleged “immoral” behaviour. :rolleyes:


How horrible. Prayers for rape victim said.


If you born somewhere like this and grow up under that kind of rule, its not shocking, that is the norm for them, It makes me wonder why this girl even reported it, or why the other. person helped, they should have known it was a bad idea to report.

Many people in other countries look at some of the crazy things we do in the US and some of our crazy laws and Im sure it shocks them too, but we are all from different cultures, and of course different countries will have very different laws and beliefs, but we cant say they are right or wrong, its just their beliefs.


I think we can quite emphatically say that this it is wrong to punish a crime victim for the criminal’s offense. Natural law is universal and hard-wired into all human beings.

What happens in a particular country may depend on how these things are reported, but it is true that victims tend to be blamed by society in general. Also, outside the US, defamation laws often trump freedom of speech, so a rape victim would do well to report her attack to the police or to someone who will treat the matter confidentially - not make a public accusation. Of course we are talking about countries with some semblance of law and order, public institutions that work etc. Somalia is in a unique category.


In Islam, a man’s court testimony is worth more than a woman’s
“And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women.” - Qur’an (2:282)

The Somali population is 100% Muslim
“Sunni Muslim (Islam) (official, according to the Transitional Federal Charter)” - Somalia Religion, CIA World Factbook


In todays world, that is true, but in the OT times, it was common to punish the victim and the criminal.

This makes me think of the OT verse that claims entire cities must be destroyed, even if one person in that town has blasphemed against God, why would innocent people be subject to this?

I tend to think man has his opinions on what is right and wrong and God probably has a different viewpoint on this.


God said he was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah (and actually two other wicked cities) from punishment for the sake of only 10 righteous. As it turned out, there was only one who was righteous while all the rest were wicked. The total depravity and wickedness there was confirmed by two absolutely impeccable witnesses (the angels) which all the men of the city tried to rape. But even then, God offered to at least save Lot’s unrighteous family for the sake of Lot’s righteousness. All Lot’s wife had to do was to not look back, but she did. Who among us willed ourselves into existence? And who among us can bring ourselves back from the dead when we die? God owes us nothing, but we owe God everything. It is man’s fault that we die in the first place since it was the sin of Adam and Eve that brought sin and death into the world. God created man to live on forever in the paradise he created for us called Eden. All the problems of the earth were created by people, but people still blame God.


This really makes me wonder where God is when it comes to cities in todays world, like San Francisco, NYC, places are much worse than Sodom or Gomorrah?


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