Somalia and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations

Similarly, Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has also banned public celebrations of Christmas.

Religious leaders in the oil-rich sultanate warned the ban on Christmas would be strictly enforced, with violators facing up to five years in jail.

“Using religious symbols like crosses, lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs, sending Christmas greetings … are against Islamic faith,” imams said in sermons published in the local press . . .

Christians represent about nine percent of Brunei’s 430,000 population.

Grinches with supreme political power the original storybook Grinch could only have dreamed of.

So the very tiny Christian population is not allowed to celebrate? or do they have to celebrate in secret?

ISIS or Boko Haram or some other terrorist group must have taken over Somalia now, too…because only the extreme parts would ban a holiday that is Christian.

Wouldn’t Brunei be an example of a moderate Islamic country, modern and wealthy, and part of the first world, including a legal system based in British law?

This is just another indication that radical political Islam is the rising star in the House of Islam.

But if you ban immigration from countries that systematically prohibit freedom of religion you are racist or Islamophobic?:shrug:

When people use such terms, they are using slurs to cover the fact that they have no useful arguments to contribute.

One thing I have noticed in crossing the border into America with students from various countries is that America, like any other country, has different policies of entry for different countries.
There would be nothing unusual or unreasonable therefore, for America to develop a policy that restricted or put intrusive restrictions on countries who have a policy of radicalizing their citizens through laws such as these, or the teachings that their citizens receive in their schools and their mosques.

Access to western schools are a valued resource for many people in the developing world. Impeding access to entry to America and other country, and therefore the schools of these countries, would be an impetus for countries to change. If access of the rich and middle classes to the first world is impaired due to the intolerance of their countries cultural and laws, adopting a more pluralistic, and less supremacist attitude toward non-muslims would eventually be deemed to be in their interest.

Our current administration has been sending a disproportionate number of openly gay ambassadors to countries that support marriage rather than alternative sexual relationships. What are the chances they would also disproportionately appoint practicing Christians to be ambassadors to countries that prohibit the free exercise of religion?

Restricting immigration and things like educational visas from countries that do not share our values seems like a very mild form of persuasion to me. The problem is that our leaders do not share basic values with the people they were elected to serve.

It’s quite generous to refer to the current administration as “leaders” of anything, IMNSHO.

It is almost Christmas, so I tried to be generous.:smiley: Besides, forum rules limit how much I can express my frank opinions.:wink: I find it even more difficult to be generous with those who chose to give this administration a second term after seeing what they were up to. It is like mice voting for more cats.

I, however, simply cannot express any generosity to them since I don’t think there has been a single thing that this administration has done that I supported. :mad:

What this is, is a sign that Christianity is flourishing in the country (9% is a significantly large minority). Otherwise this wouldn’t have been triggered unless the Christmas celebrations were causing waves. People rarely bother persecuting an ethnic or religious group that is in decline. Crowds and police officers weren’t driving Christians out of the streets in 20th century Europe and America. They just got spiritually starved to death with hedonism and material comfort.

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