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Just a question, if someone was an atheist or satanist and became Christian, and they went back to being an atheist or satanist, and then decided to become Christian again, would God forgive them? Can God forgive anything if someone repents? I’m asking this because I have a problem in my own life

God will forgive anyone who sincerely repents.

I don’t mean to judge or anything…but switching back and forth from Christian to atheist or satanist sounds a bit odd to me. If you have a problem like that, I suggest seeing a priest for some guidance.

I have been talking to a priest, and it’s not that that’s exactly what I’m doing per se I just have a major problem, I have ocd and it causes me to have alot of thoughts and doubts, and I’m a naturally doubtful person as it is if it were up to me I would just be a Christian with good faith. I doubt EVERYTHING and I worry a lot that God will never forgive me. If you want to talk more personally than private message me I guess but I have alot of questions about things like forgiveness.

Ah, right. I suffer from OCD as well, although not exactly that type. Are you getting professional help?

Anyway, God certainly can and will forgive anything if one repents. Someone else can probably give a much more in-depth answer about forgiveness. But, as you certainly have found, managing the doubt is the key to all of it.

Yes I am getting professional help, it’s nice to find people who are going through similar things to myself. I’m learning to manage the doubts


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