Some beautiful sacred music on the web

I just found this site dedicated to the music of Robert Parsons. Hooray for them for what they’re doing!

Both the “English works” and the “Latin works” pages have scores and mp3s. The Consort music page is not sacred music, but still very nice.

Lovely stuff, Mike. Thanks! I’m forwarding this link to our choir director. Just the kind of music we like to sing.

Like the Allan Parsons Project but religious. He He!.:thumbsup: Thanks!. Bookmarked the site.

Oh my, listen to the English music, what wonderous work, I love it. So beautiful, I’m listening to the Credo now (English). Very hard to sing this piece would be, it would take much practice (the singers are obviously trained and angelic). So so so so so so so beautiful, as a musician, I can honestly say this Credo in English on this site is perhaps one of the most pretty pieces I’ve ever heard (musicians will understand my overwhelming response here).

Can anyone help me figure out what kind of music I’m looking for? I’m trying to find cd’s of what I think would be sacred Latin music very similar to what they have on this website. However, I don’t know enough about music to know what I’m looking for. Would that be classified as Gregorian chant music? If so, could anyone recommend any good compilation cd’s of Latin traditional vocal music of the Church?

Anyway, great link. Beautiful music.

I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but have you listened to anything by Palestrina? This is my personal favorite.

The monks of the Abbey of Solesmes have a number of recordings of Gregorian chant out. But the type of music on the Robert Parsons site is called sacred polyphony. Look up the term on Amazon and you’ll find all kinds of recordings.

Oh, and you could tune in to my sacred music webcast,, and hear both chant and sacred polyphony 24/7. :thumbsup:

Great suggestions, thanks guys. I did a search for some of those names in iTunes and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Vocimike, beautiful music! I’ve got that website bookmarked now. :thumbsup:

I’m passing the link along to the choir director at my college; this might be something that one of our choirs may want to perform.

Excellent find!

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