Some bishops really do get it!

On Saturday morning, September 15, 2007, His Excellency Robert W. Finn, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph, MO, celebrated the Traditional Latin Mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a day after Summorum Pontificum took effect. This had not been done for some decades.

Click on the link for the full story and some inspirational pictures.

Wonderful site. Thank you Scotty


Scotty PGH;

I am not sure in what regard to you believe that Bishop Finn “really does get it” !

Is that because he is willing to provide some with the Tridentine Mass ? :confused:

In other areas it is clear (IMO) that he has missed the boat. He has desolved all of the social agencies in his diocese. He has managed to isolate his priests and suppress the clergy association. Ended all support for laity input into the operations of the diocese.

You may ask how I know this? Well Iam a one time member of Immaculate Conception Church in St Joseph, MO and I also have contacts through my sister abbey in Conception, MO.

Your brother in Christ,

Br Mark, OSB


You just answered your own question.

Just by the info you provided—it seems Bishop Finn–not only gets it—but is doing something about it.

I second that — :thumbsup:

So if I understand the posters here correctly then:

  1. the Church should not be concerned with the needs of the poor?

  2. the laity should not have input into the operations of the diocese or the local church? That the monies collected should be spent without any oversite of any one besides the bishop ?

  3. that the bishop should act with out gathering input from his fellow priests in the diocese ?

I find it interesting that those you believe that this is the correct approach are the first to complain when something occures in their parish that they do not like, i.e. choice of music, choice of liturgical material, the spending of parish resources, changing the physical arrangements of the church (statues, crosses…etc.)

Br Mark, OSB

The difference being–in the majority of cases when the above happens—people can back up their position via the Church Herself. What is being done is contrary to the mind of the Church.

This was probably the first time the Tridentine Mass said in the Cathedral in more than 35 years, and I know it meant a lot for many people. I would rather it had been a Sung Mass, but it wasn’t bad. Bishop Finn has done great things in this diocese since the day he took charge of it, and he’s never disappointed us. We are truly blessed to have him- and we are truly blessed to have the nuns who chanted the Stabat Mater during communion in our diocese. The Holy Spirit is clearly at work here.

:amen: THANK GOD that when he was installed, the first thing he did was clean house! Alleluia! No, laity should NOT run the diocese, as was happening before. The BISHOP should. And he is, and is doing a very good job of it from what I can see. The only people I have heard that do not like him are the liberals who do not want to have to follow Church teachings.
Unfortunately I missed the TLM at the Cathedral today, I am a couple hours from there and couldn’t make it with the kids. Can’t wait until I can catch one at Our Lady of Sorrows, and especially until St. Pat’s is renovated and we can go there sometimes. :thumbsup:

I was there this morning and I must say it was beautiful, If only someone had recorded his sermon it was most inspiring.

I have some pictures that I will be posting on my blog as well when I return to KC. I had to run out to Saint Louis and will be at St. Francis de Sales Oratory for the High Mass tomorrow.

I have seen nothing but good come from the Chair of Bishop Finn. Dont listen to the Haters.
I only wish he would rub off more on His Excellency in the Archdiocese of KCK.

Bishop Finn Does “Get it”

I think that there has been a little bit of a logical lapse in communication here.

Brother Mark’s objections were flatly denounced in very round terms without any further inquiry into the subject.

The first remark about social programs really does not have any detail added to it, and so none of us, unless we live in Kansas, should be denouncing or supporting it. We simply don’t know the circumstances.

Br. Mark’s second remark about laity involvement was grossly misinterpreted as trying to justly silence the sowers of discord. We have no reason to believe this. Maybe perfectly orthodox, devout Catholics with legitimate concerns and questions were being told to follow their priests unquestionably–the TLM isn’t the only thing that traditionalists would like brought back.

The same applies to the surpression of the clergy association. We don’t know what’s going on. We do know, however, that priests should be very present in their community, especially on a spiritual level, and if Bishop Finn is stopping this, it is wrong. However, again, we don’t know what’s really going on.

I think that what Brother Mark was trying to say is that just because a priest or bishop says the tridentine mass doesn’t mean that they do everything right. I don’t think he’s trying to attack the TLM (these things have no bearing on the Mass itself), so everyone ought to put down their shields and spears.

On the other hand, I really don’t know how other things that Bishop Finn may have done wrong affect the discussion on how he has helped the Tridentine Mass. When it was said that “some Bishops really do get it,” the remark obvious referred to those progressive Bishops who have refused to allow the Tridentine Mass to be said in their Diocese. By saying a Tridentine Mass Bishop Finn did a good thing. If he’s done other things that aren’t so good, full discussion of this belongs in another thread, or maybe is too private a matter for an international forum.

However, I do appreciate Brother Mark’s remarks, which provided a certain insight that is often overlooked today. Even traditional or conservative clergy are not perfect–there was only one Jesus, after all.


For a good many years, dating back to the early 80’s specifically, this Diocese has been under seige by some militant laity.

We had an openly lesbian “nun” in charge of several positions within the Chancery. We had priests complaining that they were being ignored by the Chancery’s lay management. Social action was being touted as the only way to find Christ. Liturgy was taken from the priests and given, again, to lay persons. Vocations were slumping. On and on, things were bad.

Bishop Finn has a huge task to undertake. His actions may not seem to make sense at first, but they seem to be working.

Our new lay education program, the Bishop Helmsing Institute, is incredible and infinitely more accessible to the faithful than New
Wine had ever hoped to be.

Vocations are increasing everyday. A priest is Chancellor (a layman is vice-chancellor).

We have a full time pro-life coordinator.

The spiritual well being of the faithful are now being addressed instead of being told to go do social work to find Christ in our lives.

Bishop Finn has an open door, just call and set a time to meet with him. Or catch him after Mass. He is a strong, very strong, supporter of greater lay participation, but not in replacing the priesthood or episcopacy with the laity.

He made a comment yesterday morning I think may help some people understand things a bit clearer.

“The Novus Ordo is the Mass of my ordination. I love it and always will. But as I studied the Extraordinary form, I have come to see and appreciate the great beauty and holiness of the Liturgy that served the faithful for centuries. It is my hope that we can learn from both the Ordinary and Extraordinary, to enrich each other’s lives.”

He feels that the new should never cancel the old, but should be built upon the old. We are in a time of rebuilding here in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

I’m glad someone got it the first time. Given the context (this forum, and the blog post in particular), I didn’t think there was much ambiguity involved.


Shame on you! Is this the proper place to be bringing your complaints about a Bishop of our Church? I think not. You need to speak* to* the Bishop if you have concerns and not slander his name in this public forum. Shame on you!

Can you tell me, was the Epistle and Gospel in Latin? A poster at the link provided by the OP said it was.

Yes they were in Latin. There were some booklets we tried to give to everyone that had the propers for the day in them, including the readings, but we ran out very quickly.

then there was really no reason for ‘johnnyjoe’ over at the link provided by the OP to complain as he did.

JohnnyJoe said…
Well, I must say, I am all the more grateful for the Novus Ordo Mass. I took great comfort in seeing all my friends who love the Extrodinary Rite enjoying the affirmation that our good Bishop displayed in learning and “performing” the rite (is the proper term perform?)

The Epistle was in Latin, the Gospel was in Latin - and none of it was heard by the congregation. It is inexplicable to me - the appeal that this “silent” Mass has for those who attend -, but I am grateful for our bishops efforts, and happy for all my friends who love this rite.

Long before anything about the TLN happened, we rejoiced at Bishop Finn’s actions. ( btw, it’s KC mo, not ks.)
The input wasn’t orthodox at all, that was the problem. These things he did are to make it orthodox, and yes- we live in the diocese.

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