Some Call for HBO Boycott in Wake of Bill Maher's Derisive Tweet About Tim Tebow

How can this lowlife continue to get away with comments like this over and over again? What if he made these comments about Mohammed, he would be dead by morning.

I used to feel similiar to Maher. So I suppose I can understand more then many.
The mistake Maher is making (among many) is that he believes Tebow is praying for favor from God as opposed to be simply honoring, thanking and accepting God’s Will graciously. Win or lose, interception or touchdown completion.

Maher, needs this to continue to raise himself above and to get respect (if you will) from his fans. Without it he feels he’d be through.

I suspect (hope perhaps) that Maher is contimplating this in the depth of his soul. If he has a deathbed (as opposed to dying in some other quick fashion) I suspect he will contimplate his words deeply.

Or then again, perhaps not. :shrug:

I watch Bill Mahr, and I think there is more to it than just a guy looking for laughs. I think he has a deep seated anger for some reason or other. If he wants to be an athiest, ok, but he goes way over the line for public discourse…in my opinion.

I don’t watch outspoken commentators or listen to radio “shock jocks” as we call them, but whenever one of them hits the news for some reason, they always remind me of Christ’s warning -

Matthew 12:36 :

But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.

I’ve always just been put off by Maher. You can just feel the contempt, disdain, and hatred towards all who disagree with him. I’ve only seen this personality in a few of the very public and militant atheists and I truly believe that the Devil himself possesses this same type of personality. May God have mercy on him.

He’s an arrogant blowhard, same as most shock jocks of whatever persuasion. I feel incredibly middle-aged to admit that I recall when news was delivered by journalists, not talking heads, when debate was civilized and not reduced to screaming matches, and when editorials were responsible. That was, let’s see, sometime shortly after man learned to harness fire, and powered his TV set with it–LOL!

Seriously, people like this are on TV because it’s what sells. Because of some of the garbage that airs on the premium channels, I cancelled all of my premium channels and only have the “enhanced basic” plan, which means stuff like CNN, The Weather Channel, and a few others. And when I cancelled the premium channels (with their premium prices,) I made sure that I wrote a letter to the cable company CEO explaining precisely that some of the more torpid or vitriolic programming was why I was cancelling. Entertainment like that I can do without.

Meanwhile Tim Tebow will be playing for a playoff spot and being a good role model in a world that needs more of them. Maher has no credibility with any free thinking logical person…

Maher is just an intermittently amusing sophist. America loves sophistry.

Who are the “some people” referenced in the headline? Who’s calling for a boycott of HBO? Specifics, please - otherwise, it’s TMZ-level gossip. If Tim Tebow agrees to host SNL, would those same “some people” call for a boycott of SNL? Much Ado 101. :shrug:

I think you need to take a few deep breaths and relax. It’s not a big deal.

Whenever I hear people say things like this, it always reminds me of Christ’s injunction:

But I say to you not to resist evil: but if one strike thee on thy right cheek, turn to him also the other: Matthew 5:39

For all the smut that HBO, Showtime, pay-per-view, on-demand, dish, etc. companies put on, Bill Maher is of little significance when it comes to damage done to souls. He’s only preaching to his own choir of rabid atheists.These companies disseminate pornography for crying out loud, and people are upset that they gave some stupid atheist a microphone?

I wonder if he’d talk trash to Manny Pacquiaos face for making the sign of the cross at the start of the bell.

Maher is kind of a jerk. That’s how he makes his money.

Well, we’ve got a bloke over here called Kyle Sandilands, and he actually said that he realised when he was quite young that he could make a lot of money simply by being a “smart-xxxx”. There it is, in black and white. It’s all about Money.

Even Christopher Hitchens laughed at Bill Maher and his audience.

With due respect it shouldn’t of taken this for people to boycott Bill Maher’s show, he has been saying horrible things about religion and particularly Christianity for years.

Who are the “some people” calling for a boycott? I didn’t see any specific names or groups mentioned in the FoxNews article. :confused:

Consider the source, folks. He’s only doing it to get publicity. And guess what? It works.

I’d rather see him be ignored than boycotted.

I agree. To boycott HBO I would first have to sign up for it.

I feel sorry for Maher. He has to say ever more outrageous things to keep his core audience entertained or they will ignore him too. He will soon be a bitter, burned out has been with no audience at all.

What worked? Getting the publicity? A boycott? Who are the “some people” who are calling for a boycott? I haven’t heard about this outside of CAF. :shrug:

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