Some Call for HBO Boycott in Wake of Bill Maher's Derisive Tweet About Tim Tebow

It’s a new item, not that it is exactly newsworthy, but it is out there in the media. I saw it on yahoo news the other day.

Of course, it’s probably just HBO planting the news item to promote Bill Mahers show. For every one outraged Christian who boycotts Bill Maher they will probably get ten new viewers because of this controversy. The ginned up outrage over this whole silly thing is just playing into their hands.

The FoxNews story refers to “some people.” Who are the “some people”? The readers? It’s called responsible journalism - if the “story” leaves more questions than answers, an editor probably needs to approve it for publication.

Maher’s season starts mid January so he is probably trying to get the buzz going. While I am sure he does this for the monetary aspects, but if you listen to him long enough you find out that he was raised Catholic and had trouble finding answers when he was young. He then went to the extreme and now rails against God and in particular Jesus. There is an anger there that goes way past just money. He brags constantly about his drug use and casual sex. He is not stupid, but he definitely hates Christianity.

There are no more vicious anti-Catholics than an ex-Catholic. The best thing any of us can do is to exercise a G*d given right called the channel selector or the off switch. In addition, we should all boycott the products of his sponsors.
This should not be hard to do as most of his so-called humor is sophmoric at best. A few years out of college and he is no longer funny. I guess that is why he is on HBO instead of Network TV.
I, for one, recently turned off the Leno show when he came on as a guest to promote one of his college tours.

I don’t have HBO, so this is an easy boycott for me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a tweet, folks. No need for outrage

This guy is the Ann Coulter of the Left- though not as in the pocket of the the establishment. They love the attention.

He has 1/100th the wit of Coulter. Maher’s only literary device is shock.

Coulter relies on shock also with her racist and other absolutely absurd comments. . . .

They are birds of a feather. . . .

I’m sure Maher wishes more people thought that way.

The thread title puzzles me as do some of the comments. Maybe it’s just me, but while the insult here was real, it seems less an affront to Tebow and more an insult to God himself.

People still watch that bombastic dullard? He is neither funny nor intellectually stimulating.

He appears to me to be the most miserable person on the face of the earth

I would call him a curmudgeon, but I don’t want to insult noble curmudgeons like myself and others who use deprivating humor to point out life’s absurdities. FOr Maher, everything is absurdity, including his own life.

Honestly, I feel bad for Maher. I really do.

I wouldn’t. He’s made millions boring people with his anti-religious tripe.

Good Senator, torching civil liberties to line the pockets of media moguls…

He is a lost soul–very sad.

That’s weird. I was trying to post this on the Leahy thread.:eek:

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