Some churches change bylaws following Supreme Court's same-sex marriage rulings [CWN]

Concerned about potential discrimination lawsuits, some Christian churches–especially those that rent facilities to the public–are amending their bylaws following the Supreme Court’s …


I suppose it is sad that this does not surprise me in the least.

These type of so called Christian churches is all about the “money” that is why they don’t want to be sued. They put the world first, before Jesus Christ and if a church puts anyone before Christ they are not Christians to begin with.

The above does not surprise me.

Ufam Tobie

The headline says they are changing them, but the story just says that they are getting their position down in writing to prevent anyone from claiming they are discriminating against an individual if they ever end up in court.

That was my thought, too. The headline doesn’t seem to match what is actually happening.
OTOH, as an elder in my Church, I think this is an issue I will bring before our council.


So, you think it is a better idea for parishes not to be proactive, and leave themselves open to lawsuits?
The article, not the headline, seems to indicate that these churches are simply getting their doctrine and practice written and in place in the bylaws, in order to be able to defend their beliefs against the coming wave of litigation against Christians of all stripes by the secular left. One would think that you, as a Catholic, would recognize this and be empathetic to their efforts, as the government’s attack on Catholic hospitals, universities, and other agencies is just around the corner veiled in the thin disguise of the HHS Mandate. :shrug:


Around the corner!!! :slight_smile:

This administration has already taken jabs at the CC while they are attacking all Christians, They are just starting with the low hanging fruit in preparation for the bigger battles.Sad that this administration has catered to the 2% of the atheists and secular left to the outright discrimination of the Christian majority in this country. its not a secrete and yet just walk around the parking lot at any Church and count the Obama bumper stickers.

The irony is that some of those bumper stickers are on the cars owned by the clergy and leadership of some communions in this country.
In the old Soviet Union, the term “useful idiots” was used to describe people in the west who were, effectively, apologists for and sympathetic to the Soviet Union, all the while not really understanding their goals. Similarly, these leaders and clergy do not realize that their religious freedom is under the same attack.


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