Some Claim Talking Doll Promotes Islam

Some Claim Talking Doll Promotes Islam

SAN JOSE (CBS 5) ― A talking doll is stirring controversy this holiday season, as some claim the doll utters a message supporting Islam.

According to some people, the “Little Mommy Cuddle and Coo” baby doll is saying “Islam is the light.” Representatives from Fisher Price maintain it’s just baby babble, but issued a statement, saying “To avoid any potential misinterpretation, we have eliminated that segment of the sound file from future production.”

This is what happens when you don’t have vinyl records to spin backwards, you have to find evil messages where you can.

We actually have those dolls at Target where i work. I’ve aways been meaning to post them on the different forums I go to but i forget thanks for reminding me.

If people keep crying Wolf… Well you know the rest.

According to the Potty Time with Elmo doll supposedly said “Who wants to die?” (rather than “Who has to go?”) and English speakers mistook another doll’s “Quiero a Mami” (I want/love Mommy) for “Kill Mommy”.

they had this on the news, and after listening i couldnt tell what the doll said, it just sounded garbled. after they said what it was and replayed it i could kinda hear it, but i think this was more likely just a cheap toy that wasnt built well.

And this is supposed to be better, or worse, than the talking dolls that have openly and clearly promote materialism and frivolity for decades? I’m not sure which I would prefer.

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