Some discussion are closed faster than others


How to explain this?


its explained in caf rules and in the subform


How do we access these rules and subform? Thank you.



thank you. but I did not see the answer to my question


Sorry, I can’t see where it states why threads in the ‘Parenting’ and the ‘Lounge’ stay open twice as long as anywhere else. And why some seemingly inoccuous threads are suddenly closed.


if a thread is suddenly closed, its because mods have had it flagged enough to close it.

on most threads there is a statement, that it will close in x days depending on activity.


Threads close after just a few hours of inactivity. The reason given being just that. When flags close a thread, we are told.

For example “This topic was automatically closed after 3 hours. New replies are no longer allowed.”


got an example we can look at


Not only. I’m witnessing a lot of very active threads that have been suddenly closed (for example, in a thread very active, suddenly it was written that it will be closed in one hour …).
I have as the impression that, when a debate no longer suits a modo, it closes the thread


For example, this one got closed after 14 days of inactivity (as to be expected).

This is open a month with no activity

And this was shut down after 3 hours of no activity.


i think that last one is a fly by in the non catholic forum. Perhaps designed to stir trouble. It did not succeed.

I think family life and the casual discussion areal have a policy of closing after 14 days inactivity, or at least some of the forums used to. some of them don’t.

but I could be wrong…


I often encounter ones like the last one. In all places. I actually wondered if it was some kind of glitch.


could be, if you read the meta discourse pages on running the forums, they do discuss lots of issues like this and how many are on auto pilot.


The thread in the Non-Catholic religions forum Why don’t (most) Protestants consider Christian ministers to be priests? has been active with posts today. However, it will be automatically closed in 20 hours.


That is a good example of what I’ve seen elsewhere. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The software, so far as I know, doesn’t impose a different close condition. What I mean is I think the software will always only automatically close after 14 days of inactivity.

Your example has a hard close time that completely ignores any activity. It’s like a not so subtle message to say your peace and be quiet. Some threads where I’ve seen this I can understand. But if that is what is going on I’d rather it be clearly stated.


Yes, at least note when the thread is being closed by a moderator and place clear notices somewhere on the site that outlines why a thread that apparently does not violate any rules is being closed.

Another thought, does anyone know if thread starters have the option to close them or set time limits?


I don’t believe so, no.

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