Some early voters want to change their vote after Hunter Biden exposés

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Well let this be a lesson to those who vote early.Better to be safe than sorry…


This is an issue I’ve pondered as an early voter. It sometimes makes me want to take my mail-in ballot and drop it at a polling place on the day-of.

Then I thought about it some more, and I came to realize that people do not truly change in the space of three weeks, and I should cast my early ballot and be at peace, come what may.

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Wouldnt the vote be about policy that is already well known?

I’m glad I voted early (for Pres. Trump and almost all Republican candidates for various offices, although I voted for one Democrat who has served well and faithfully for several decades and has nothing to do with any abortion legislation!).

I am expecting that the COVID-19 surge will be used as an excuse to shut down voting venues on Election Day. I think this is un-Constitutional, but obviously our safety and health has to be considered more important than the U.S. Constitution, right? :roll_eyes:

Even if the voting venues are allowed to stay open, many people, especially seniors and people with young children in tow, will be too afraid to go vote.

I can’t blame them–it’s not worth giving up your life, and it’s very likely that the Democrats have already rigged the election so that they will win. Sorry, Democrats on CAF, but I don’t have much respect for a Party that justifies abortion as “women’s healthcare.” That lie makes me think that the Party leaders are capable of any lie, including cheating on the Presidential election.

I’m even wondering if someone (Democrats?) will start rumors of “COVID Mary” deliberately hanging out around the voting venues and attempting to infect people (and making it look like an accident; e.g., their mask falls off just as they start coughing). This rumor would scare away voters, especially older voters who know what “COVID Mary” means.

Conspiracy theories? I suppose, and I hope and pray that everything is done well and with integrity. But…I really don’t trust the process and the people anymore.


The biggest spike in this search follows Trump making a tween about changing one’s vote.

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