Some Evidences to Support Faith

Evidences of faith are not like physical laws or mathematical equations. I mean evidences of faith get not measured and evaluated by materialistic measurements. But all matter and laws are to be a mirror or screen for lights of faith evidences. Forexample if the light which contains and holding an image does not come onto a mirror or screen then that image would not be seen. Evidences of faith are like light and water. Those can not be captured by hands. Heart, conscious, mind, soul and all senses are a mirror and a screen for lights of evidences. So we must use and prepare all these sense to comprehend faith. Mirror of senses get bright by repentance, worship, invoke, avoid from sin and good deeds.

Here evidences:

  1. All alives(human, animal and plant) have countless needs to sustain their lifes but non one has a capability to create that needs. Animals and human require many foods but they can not make that substances. Even humanbeing as a clever creature cannot make an apple in laboratory. Then there is a most graceful and merciful power which see reguirements of alives and fulfill it.

  2. There are numberless possibilities and chances for forms of objects and alives but every thing gets form in a uniquely shape and beauty. Look at flowers, butterflies and human face. Example all faces of mankinds has common organs just like eyes, nose, mouth but non face is exactly similar with others. İf nature was to be a factory or press there should be many same faces. Since there is no same faces then there must be an eternal visibility, effect, program.

  3. Every species is distinct as nutrition, growing, formation etc. And all these species are crowded in an intricacy. But non species interfuse with other. Does physical laws and nature have so knowledgeable ability to appropriate and structure that?

  4. Every species come into being as spontaneous example some in 2 days and other in 2 or 3 weeks. Whereas if that process would left to discretion of chances it would take and last millions of years. Because for an aminoacid to form by chances is said to be need for some hundred thousands years. And also all these species have an awesome art, beauty, order. Then the chances or nature cannot make that job but an infinite conscious, art ability and power can do that.

  5. The actions from stars to atoms show the only one’s government. The unity and order of universe can exist only by an extensive power and conscious. The conditions for life on earth is relating to thousands of requirements and all these requirements are interconnected with each others. İf one of condition would not exist then all other requirements would be inconclusive. The consist of seasons,day and night, rains and and all other conditions for life are attached to each other. All these orders cannot occur randomly and casually. And there is not an intelligent law and force in nature to do that.

  • I will go on….

6- The molecules of structure of alives consist of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon etc. None of these matter have a mind, conscious and view. But numerous compounds are being formed from that molecules. And also there is no conscious in nature (some assume nature has the most high conscious but where is it?) then there must be a vast conscious and power to make all those compounds. DNA or RNA maybe recognized for that wondrous job but also these molecules are consisted of unconscious objects.

7- Accordin to an account there have been about 124000 prophets. Prophets demonstrated their claims with miracles, scriptures and some other fact which prove prophethood. And millions of high morality people experienced and verified what prophets conveyed from revelations. That is an unassailable proof.

8- The general worship in universe shows God. There are countless angels (the entity of angels is proved via moral discovery by millions people) in spiritual universes and all these angels worship to God constantly. There are millions people who mention, worship God regularly. All animals and plants have a position and charge for carrying on life on the earth. The work they do is may assume as thier worship because they have no a conscious to do that but they are being employed in that duty by a most high power and will.

9- The cooperation in universe point God. The sun sent it’s light for service of plants. Plants service for animals and humans. The onconscious molecules step into breach of plants. That cooperation can be seen in every where. Considering that none part of universe has a mind, conscious then there must be a most powerfull effect to send these objects for cooperation.

10- The mind can be convinced only by accpting exist of God. Because if someone does not accept God then that man has to suppose countless gods. Forexample for an apple there need an earth and for earth it needs sun and for sun it needs Milk Way galaxy. So if someone does not accept God then he must deem a deity power for every process in universe. But if some confirm one God then he must not assume countless gods which is very difficult and perhaps impossible to consider.

To be continued…

11- The objects especially the body and structures of alives have nifty and excellent form and image it is as if that structures are being formed from patterns. Whereas it is well known that there are no secret patterns in nature and laws and other means have no capability and ability of art, knowledge, conscious to do that useful work. Then there must be an eternal preordinance and divine program.

12- The very and absolute power and force which is emerging and being seen through unlimited and absolute weakness and frailty point an all powerful effect. And the absolute prosperity and whealthy which are emerging through absolute poorness and indigence point an unrestricted richness and abundance. Forexample the position and stuation of seeds when plants leaf out. The seeds are in absolute weaknes and poorness. But entirely a work which could be done by an infinite power is emerging. And the stuation of tree in winter point an infinite oracular power and wisdom. İn spring and summer that dead trees become animated and put forth leaves and bear fruits. Whereas humanbeing cannot make a fruit in laboratories by composing atoms. Then are dry woods more intelligent than wise mankinds? And like that every chose and object is in absolute weakness, nescience, poorness, blindness but there is absolute order, wisdom, effectiveness in every places. If God is not to be accept then it is necessity to accept uncountable gods. (Because we must consign and give every object an infinite attribution).

13- Every organ and structure of alives is useful and purposive. The wings of birds, hands of human etc.( If some claim that these perfect generation could be by evolution? But the structure and form of alives have never been changed and progressed for some decade thousand years. Actually it has never changed as much as we can learn even though someones fake fossiles to demonstrate evolution. There is no a progressive process from simplicty to perfection but everything was created as perfect just like now.) That wondrous design cannot be by chances or by unconscious natural laws. Two or three stones cannot take the position in rough-and-tumble by chances or by natural laws then how that worderful work could be by chances or nature?

14- There is an absolute wisdom in universe. Every thing is in order and useful. And there is a wondrous art and beauty. An attribution cannot be without a source. Then there must be an owner of that wisdom and also an artisan of that art. Could unconscious, blind and deaf means and laws be owner and acting of that? And the whole alives are in want of food. Solid and blind nature have no mercy and grace to give food for needs of alives. Then that fooding only can be by a Most Graceful and Merciful Person because nature has not that attributions.

15- İn spring and summer there is a great abundance without any complication. If that work would has been by chances there would be many irregularities.
And also that abundance is in a rapidity process. İt takes two or three weeks. To design and make a high technological machine engineers work for months but even so there should be many defects in process.

And also that abundance is in a great art and beauty. Whereas ıf something would be made in hurry there should be many lack of quality.

And also there is a vast remotenesss between threes and plants. But every food is being formed exactly as same with their species. Forexample all apple in same species look like each other. Now some can claim that there are DNA and RNA molecules in seeds so same species would like each other. But it must be considered that the molecules in DNA have not a mind, conscious and science. And gravity and other forces are assumed to emerge between two mass or poles. As twain there assumed to be countless different forces and there is no any unity and relation between those forces. Then how can these unconscious and uncountable and unrelation and unconnection forces can make all species as same with each other? Or do the species get form as same by chances? While that is impossible then there must be a vast, wide, wisdomful will and power, mustn’t it?

( The evidences and comments are interpreted and expounded from Quran verses )

To be continued…

What do you hope to accomplish here? Is there a question?

Do you really think anyone is going to read through this entire thing? Just seems like you could simplify this and have some back and forth. As it is there is nothing to which we can we respond.


The issue is difficult and my English is poor. I do not ask anything. If only one read and benefit then that will be my achievement. Because the most important fact is the “faith” in universe and ı want to serve. That is not only the Islamic faith but the faith in all holy religions(Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

That evidences are not only to defend faith against atheists but for all believers to support faith. If there is some wrong statement ı will be happy ıf some warn.

Very well. :thumbsup:

Don’t be fooled by the so called “Don’t know English well” excuse. :shrug:


16- An example:

The perfect and glorious a palace could be built with a perfect action. That perfect action could be with a perfect versedness. That perfect versedness point high ability and faculty. That high ability could come from high attributions. That high attributions point an artisan.
Like that example every animal and plant is more perfect than that palace. For every alive it needs an artisan who have high ability of action and versedness. Could deaf nature or blind force or aimless chances be artisan of those perfect artful alives?

17- Every thing points it’s creator the God. There is many ways through everything which go to God. Forexample a flower. Seeds and also form of flower are in a wondrous order which point a perfect wisdom. That arrangement is in balance which point an eternal preordinance. That scales is with a wonderful art which point a miracle ability of art. That art is with a beauty which point a great favour. That kindness is with sweet perfumes which point a great grace and mercy. We can see these ways on eevry thing trees, animals, atoms, stars etc. Now is there one of that great attribution in blind force and unconscious means? All these things together witness God with an unassailable proof.

18-The life and death point God. For making it easy to comprehend that life come from God an example. The Sun shines and reflects on mirros and so the reflection and activity appear on mirror and Sun shine on mirror with it’s form, colors and heat. Now there are no colors, heat, activity in mirror but mirror takes from Sun and reflect. So the mirror is not source of color and heat but mirror merely could be reflector not anything more. Like that example the body and flesh of alives is a mirror for reflection of life. Life does not come from blood or energy. İt is recognized that alives take their lives from energy of sun which stored in like ATP molecules. But there is no life and sense in energy. How a mirror reflect sun just like that flesh reflect and take life from God’s life. God create and give life with all conditions.

A computer run with energy but never can have life and other senses. How much the computer should developed but never it can get life. That means energy could not be source of life by itself but energy is the one of the means for reflection of life.

And also death prove that God can only give life and animate otherwise other means, forces could not animate. If the source of life were energy or such other thing then it should must be possible to animate a dead but it isn’t. Yes after spirit depart from body it is impossible to animate body. If the source of life were the energy in blood then it should must be possible to animate body by circulating blood with a machine but that is not use. The source of life is the spirit. And only God create spirit as it mentioned in Quran ( 85. They ask thee concerning the Spirit. Say: “The Spirit is off the command of my Lord: of knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you, (O men!)” Al –Isra(17):85). And the life of plants is manifestation from God’s life as a law and canon.

This is a Catholic Forum,and Catholics already accept the one True God of the Bible, not the Islamic Allah, who is the god of Mohammed.

There is nothing to gain then in your quest, as no Catholic can benefit from what you write, as we do not believe in the same God.

You are a bit rough. There is a term " Ignorant is bold." So is your God different from the God who was introduced by all prophets? I say, not! And also what ı explain is the unique God who is described by Catholics as a one God in three divine person. Ofcourse that three men in one personality is a hard issue but that is your comprehension but ı know very exactly what you mean is the God or Allah.

So is your God different from the God who was introduced by all prophets?

The God I put my faith and trust in is the God of the Bible,YHWH,who came to earth as a man in the form of Jesus, to die in atonement for mankind’s sins, and who rose again on the third day.

This should be the God you worship too, if you are to believe that Mohammed came as a prophet in line with all previous Bible prophets, including Jesus, but the Quran rejects the Bible Jesus, and contradicts His teachings.

Can you give a reason for this?

Quran reject not Jesus. If what you mean with conradicts is the worships? But the worships may be different in religions. Quran advise to believe in one God, in Heavens and Hell, in prophets, in scriptures, in angels, in destiny and as much as ı know all prophets said same things. Or you mean the contradicts are the trinity, original sin. But that is not what Jesus taught. Those are doctrines of Church as you emphasize strongly. Am ı wrong?

The Quran may not reject a man named Jesus, but it is not the same Jesus revealed in previous scriptures
. The Jesus of the Bible is the Word made flesh, who came to atone for the sin of Adam by giving His life as a sacrifice for sin, which in turn brings man back into a loving relationship with God.
We know this to be true because it was written down, and passed down to future generations. This central Gospel message has never changed, Christians have always believed Jesus to be God, and still do. This is why Christians worship Jesus, and Muslims do not, because Muslims have not been given the full truth about Him.

The Quran tells Muslims Jesus is the Messiah,was supernaturally born, is Allahs Word, and his spirit, but does not go any further to explain what this all means, you need the Bible, especially the N.T.part to give you this knowledge, to enable you to understand the real Jesus.

The doctrine of the Trinity is found by reading what Jesus says of Himself, the Church has not made this up, as all Muslims are given to understand. The question on original sin is also found throughout the Bible, and is held within the concept of the spiritual corruption of man, leading to the reason why Jesus was born.

Quran advise to believe in one God, in Heavens and Hell, in prophets, in scriptures, in angels, in destiny and as much as ı know all prophets said same things.

It is correct to say that all Bible prophets did say the same; they repeatedly told their listeners to repent of their sins, and to love God and each other by following His Commandments. They did not command their listeners to “believe in One God, scriptures, prophets, Heaven and Hell angels and destiny”, here again you have been mis informed.

It must be getting clear to you by now, that what has been taught to you does not correspond to what Christians actually believe. Perhaps now is a good time to understand why this is.

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