Some Feminists Admit Sex Tribunals at Colleges Have Gone Too Far, Hurting Some Unfairly Accused


Yes, they have gone too far, and not only at colleges. Some famous people have been accused and their careers disgraced or terminated with either flimsy evidence or very little investigation of the accuracy of the sources. Let it be clear I am in no way condoning sexual harassment in any form; but a fair investigation according to the rule of law is necessary to reduce the possibility of unjust accusations due to the bandwagon effect.


What a lot of people have forgotten is that the dirty jokes a lot of these people are being accused of and denounced for was ordinary behavior during the sexual revolution 70s.
Women were supposed to be a good sport and play along with verbal teasing and even a certain amount of groping and not be “such a prude” about sexuality.
Furthermore, women were often giving each other this advice! If you wanted to get ahead in business, you couldnt be so ladylike (or so immature you couldn’t handle adult sexuality).


This is part of a larger process of over reaction to a formerly neglected area. The argument is "we failed to adequately protect your mother’s generation, and failed to adequately punish the wild frat boys of your father’s generation. Therefore we will over compensate for lost time by clobbering you.

Guess you have bad luck.


I like where it says;
Of course, there’s an obvious way to make sure that these unfair types of situations never arise. That is to abstain from sex before marriage. Casual attitudes toward sex and drinking lead to these kinds of situations. Candice Jackson, head of the Department of Education’s civil rights office, told The New York Times that 90% of campus rape cases are the consequence of mutual intoxication.

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This is the truth, Jim.

I’m not sure colleges should even have such things. A more appropriate place to put the “lever”, imo, would be the criminal justice system.

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When my parents were in college, each dorm had a Dorm Mother, and a curfew. 11:30pm for the women, and 12mn for the men (the thinking was the man could walk his date to her dorm, then have time to get back to his dorm). They could entertain the opposite sex in the sitting room of the dorm, not the individual rooms.

Infractions were reported to the parents.

Then the sexual revolution and “we have to be free to be you and me”!

Oh well. Progress, amiright?


This is the poison which is modern feminism


The feminists in Australia have been pushing to get these campus tribunals introduced here, despite how it’s turned out in the US.

Back in 2016 life was proceeding as normal on our university campuses and then in 2017 our Human Rights Comission decided to drum up the idea that there was a “rape crisis”. They spent $1M on a survey intended to scare everyone, but the survey came back with the opposite conclusion - that campuses are very safe places for women, and there was no problem!

Undeterred, the HRC pushed ahead and claimed there was a “rape crisis” and our cowardly universities, government and MSM went along with it, with the most revolting virtue signalling imaginable.

Our leading anti-feminist commentator, Bettina Arndt, picked it from the start, from early 2017, informing us that the feminists were trying to get our universities to set up kangaroo courts, as in the US, to handle sexual allegations extra-judicially, and thereby punish and scare more young men.

The feminists would have been aware of how this has already turned out in the US, with young mens’ lives being destroyed by false allegations, but until 2017 Australians hadn’t even heard of it, so the feminists got the jump on the small opposition.

Bettina fought back fiercely with articles and speeches, while the rest of Australia acquiesced, and in 2019 we had a couple of big wins. Senator Amanda Stoker exposed the universities’s dereletion of due process in a formal hearing, and, best of all, in November, the Queensland Supreme Court ruled that universities have no jurisdiction to adjudicate sexual assault.

So, thanks to the efforts of one heroic woman, Australia may have been spared this latest onslaught from feminism.

post-script. For 2020 the feminists are working on a new survey on “sexual assault” for the campuses, hoping to get right result this time. It seems like good news (ie. no problem) is not an acceptable outcome.


Suspension of due process, and the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty, always starts with relatively few alleged perpetrators who are currently unpopular.

There is a public perception now that there were very many men who were aggressive against women, who don’t understand that “No means no”.

Furthermore there is perception that the response to the problem is worsened by male police, male attorneys, male administrators and judges.

Thus, colleges have an obligation to “send a message” to males. Any injustice suffered by this particular accused man is acceptable collateral damage in a larger Social Cause.

But suspension of civil liberties to a few sets a precedent for suspension of them for the many.

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@commenter. A fine summary of the various perceptions at play here, and how than can be manipulated for an agenda.


We are jettisoning the rule-of-law to catch those we currently condemn as “bad men”, and setting ourselves up like this.

This trend - making current alleged perpetrators of sex assault pawns in a larger Sacred Social Cause - is similar to another trend, sacrificing individuals. Traditionally victims of sexual assault have had their identities concealed the media. Recently some media ha e begun releasing names without permission because some advocate groups demand this. They say putting a human face in the tragedy increases public response. Too bad about the loss of privacy, but there’s a Cause here, above the little individual.

G’day my fellow Aussie. It’s unreal how much power they have. Controlling education and the media Sky is the only channel not reporting fake news. They are very well funded with their lobby groups whose tactics could be compared to bribery.
Are you from sunny Queensland?
Im from the most politically correct city in Oz I reckon, Melbourne.

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G’day @Pai_Nosso. I’m from Adelaide, quite close to Cudlee Creek which is has been burnt out recently. I’ve been smelling the smoke in the air for days. But I’m in the fringes of the city, so no real danger here yet.

Yep, you guys in Victoria are doing it tough under the Andrews government. I hear about it often enough in Catholic sites. :frowning: . Our Marshall Liberal government leans very PC, but not as bad as Andrews. It’s in my face when I even visit Victoria. RESPECT ads over the highways, etc. :angry:


Australia’s conservative parties both federal and state sit left of center.
Our progressive parties sit on the edge of the far left.


The issue of rape is a criminal matter. I think it should go through the police and the courts. If there won’t be a criminal conviction then there shouldn’t be a school penalty.


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