Some free Catholic music of my own to share

A recent thread was talking about evangelizing, and I was thinking I have to share my music on here!


Some background:
When I was 15 I broke my leg and learned my mom’s guitar, wrote, and sang. I started playing Protestant music while leading a folk-rock band. Down the road, I stopped playing. I started writing music again when I became Catholic last year at 29, and it was about the time my mom passed away too.

So, I’m back at it. I’m hoping to play in the community more at coffee shops and so on to evangelize, maybe talk with Catholic radio and tv shows, and just to share Christian music in an honest way too. I recorded some music at home and simply put them all online for free for Catholics and others to listen to.

A few new ones:

  1. Unite - This is based off of one of St. Ignatius’s letters:

  2. There for You - We’re on the same path towards God, but individual journeys. So this is about being there for each other best we can.

Enjoy! Feel free to share it to the world.

‘Unite’ was a very unusual and unexpectedly pleasant surprise.

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