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I know that many of us are active on other forums and some of which are n-C or even a-C, but I’ve been looking into our “strategies and tactics” (if you will) and trying to insure that I don’t do something less than stellar and disgrace the gospel. After all, we all know how we feel when the shoe is on that other foot…

In digging around (and with the help of another Catholic friend) I have discovered these links to good articles that I want to share with you all.

If you have other links that offer similar advice, please feel free to add them and also discuss this as well.

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How to Be Offensive (without Being Offensive)

Aw-fensive Strategies

Catholic Questions: Apologetics Backward

Missing Books and Invisible Churches


…this is one of the best i have seen…

…good luck…


[quote=Church Militant]How to Be Offensive (without Being Offensive)

I just read this one and I think this asking questions method is great. It’s actually how I have dealt with a couple CINOs. They might say “I don’t agree with the Church on point X.” I usually ask them why they disagree and it usually is anwered with an “I feel” or “I believe” type statement. When I ask why they believe this all they usually have is more opinion. When asked where God has revealed what they believe, of course they can’t come up with anything. The only justification they can really ever come up with is “I feel” or “I think” or something that “society” has come up with.

By questioning them you make them think about where they actually get their ideas from. And when they do this, it become apparent that their beliefs have a very, very shaky foundation.


Thanks guys! There are so many ways that we can viably share our faith.

Fr. John McCloskey has a couple of great articles (both long) on this sort of thing that are well worth the reading.

Friendship:The Key to the Evangelization of Men
and Winning New Converts
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right ONThanks, CM - again you are looking out for the Church and its members!

And, remember, people like me :yup: can ALWAYS use the guidance -


If I could just insert a couple of my favorite books on this topic.

The first is:
**Search and Rescue **
Patrick Madrid

and the second is:
**How NOT To Share Your Faith: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Apologetics And Evangelization **
Mark Brumley

Both are available from Catholic Answers.


I have a bunch of source sites that I like and use frequently, but this one has a ton of great material to use:


This is really helpful,


Wow! Good stuff. Thanks all!

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