Some insurgent Republicans see weaker fundraising


WASHINGTON — Campaign donations to some of the House’s most prominent Tea Party insurgents tumbled in recent months, and several of the chamber’s most conservative new members struggled to match the fundraising pace of their business-backed primary challengers, new campaign filings show.


Unfortunately I think the Republican Party is really going to suffer because of its role in the government shutdown. I think, perhaps, that Tea Party Republicans will especially suffer due to it. I really think Republicans will likely lose the 2014 elections and maybe even the 2016 elections.

I hope that the Republicans do not lose the upcoming elections. I do not agree with everything that the Republican Party stands for but I do agree more with them than I do with the Democrats by far. We need conservatives to be in charge and let’s face it, the Democrats are leftists while the Republicans are generally more conservative.


So now the game calling includes using the term insurgents. Nice. :rolleyes:


At least the Repubs have some individuality left instead of being in absolute lockstep like the Dems are. It’s almost eerie what has happened to the Democrats. Are there really any Democrats in Congress anymore or are they all at home, having executed permanent powers of attorney to Harry Reid.

Back in my active days in the Dem party, there was plenty of dissent within the ranks. Lots of differences. Not any more. Reminds a person of those old films of Soviet Central Committee meetings where everybody held up his hand approving every measure on cue.



The electoral aftermath does not show Republican party massively dipping because of the shutdown


Ted Cruz raises $1.19 million in third quarter


The good news is that for good or bad, people vote with their dollars. If people still support republicans, then they will receive donations. If they screwed up with the shutdown and people don’t like their behavior, then they won’t get donations. Either way the republicans get exactly what they deserve.


If that continues it virtually assures a bloody GOP primary in 2016 (He is not well liked by a great many in his own party). That will leave them divided…result…pretty obvious.

Just conjecture on my part.


That’s certainly good to hear.

That said, those who are for “gay marriage”, abortion, and persecution of Christians are followers of the Father of Lies, Satan, so I don’t find the past few years all that surprising.

Granted, there are some on the left who are against “gay marriage”, abortion, and persecution of Christians but they are few and far between I fear.


Ted raises a cool million plus and the country is out 24 Billion. Sounds fair to me.:frowning:


Mark Levin is calling for a boycott for the businesses associated with the chamber of commerce. Sounds like civil war to me. But, it’s one of the only wars I might be in favor of.


Good news, The less right wing lunatics in Congress the better.

After this shutdown temper tantrum, lots of voters now know that Republicans hate Obama more than they love America.


That’s becoming obvious.


Are you saying you would literally be in favor of a violent civil war?


No of course not!!! I was referring to a Republican civil war. I don’t think violence is involved in that…at least I hope not.


Well, then because of Obamacare, the elderly have lost $500 billion and the taxpayers are getting a tab for $1.8 trillion. And we don’t know yet how much the American people are going to pay more because of Obamacare. But someday or other, we’ll have a pretty good idea. My guess is that it will rival that $1.8 trillion.

Obamacare subsidies and administration will be paid 100% by borrowing. I recently read that if artificially low interest rates we have now returned to a normal rate, the interest on the debt alone will be $500 billion per year. And yet, this administration is entirely resistant to considering modification of their desire to borrow.

And so Cruz and others attempted to put a plug in the dike notwithstanding that the hole is semi-trailer wide. I’m not terribly fond of Cruz, but there is something attractive about attempting to fend off disaster in the face of nearly insurmountable odds.

Possibly when people realize what Obamacare is truly costing this country; when they begin to feel it on their hides, Cruz might not seem quite as bad as some make him out to be today.


Glad you brought up interest rates going up. The shutdown will be responsible for that. As to your other points, I’d very much like to read some documentation. I thank you in advance for supplying it.


Perhaps first you will prove that the so called “shutdown” is going to make interest rates go up before requiring that I provide you with documentation of what is so well known that everybody knows it.

Do you not know that interest rates are being artificially kept down by “quantitative easing”? Do you really not know that without it interest rates would go up?

But for now, are you really denying the latest CBO estimate of the cost of Obamacare to the government will be $1.8 trillion? Congressional Budget Office, “Table 2: CBO’s May 2013 Estimate of the Budgetary Effects of the Insurance Coverage Provisions Contained in the Affordable Care Act,”

I’ll admit I was wrong about Obamacare robbing $500 billion from Medicare. Appears it’s $716 billion.

Now, your proof that the “shutdown-that-didn’t-really-happen” caused interest rates to rise, if you will.


If it’s so well known that everyone knows about it, it shouldn’t be a problem. Defend your entire argument that you previously posted. Thank you.


Perhaps first you will prove that the so called “shutdown” is going to make interest rates go up before requiring that I provide you with documentation of what is so well known that everybody knows it.

One keeps hearing about this all the time, but the fact is when there indeed was a credit-rating downgrade two years ago, there was a big sell off in stocks and the money went into Treasuries, causing T prices to rise and interest rates go down, not up.

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